Thursday, May 22, 2014

L'Homme qui Sait Deux Langues Vaut Deux

Last night we attended the Société Honoraire de Français induction ceremony for the last time.

Our daughter was a 4 year member in the French Honor Society while in middle/high school and #2 Son received his 4 year pin and certificate last evening too.

We've been to 7 of these year they both were inducted so not 8 ceremonies.

If you feel like wasting a little time, here are a few film clips I shot during the ceremony.

First the introduction and the passing of the torch.....this part is over 6 minutes long.
(The actual torch passing happens around 4:30)

Then Madame Schwartz, the French teacher, spoke.  She got choked up this year and there were many tears shed by teens, teacher and parents.....this part is 7 minutes long.

The 4th year students(really 5th year French, since you have to have 6 semesters with a 94 average to get into this society)receive their pins and certificates......this one is under 1 minute.

And finally, this year, a 3rd year student , AJ, sang Le Marseillaise and #2 Son accompanied him on the flute.....

He's actually smiling....I suspect it's because the ceremony is almost over. lolz

 #2 Son with his French Teacher Madame Schwartz



  1. Felicitations! Je te remercie pour nous avoir partage cette tellement jolie ceremonie! Il est evident que tu restes fiere de lui! : )

    Carol in CT-who can't type the accents in with this laptop!

    1. Oui Carol, nous sommes fiers de lui! 8-)

  2. votre fils est tres bon! and damn good looking; he looks like you!

    1. Mais oui, il et tres beau so he doesn't look like me! bwaaahhhh
      But thanks a.m.

  3. Very cool! I don't speak any French at all, and only a few words of Spanish (I read more than I speak).


    Peace <3

    1. Merci mon ami.
      French is only one of two subjects he ever really excelled being the other. He's the artsy type through and through.

  4. I can't talk French (I guess I could try and fake it), but congrats to him!

  5. I didn't realize French was an option in the U.S., but of course I wasn't thinking with my brain. I do that a lot. My daughter was in french immersion from kindergarten on but then it's our second official language. So far she has used it in one job. But there's still hope.

  6. Félicitations à votre fils.

    I had to get a translator to say that. LOL! I studied French for 8 years. My first teacher was from France. My high school teacher had lived in France and was married to a French woman. I learned to think in French instead of translating. When I was a Senior in HS, I was president of the French Club and VP of FNHS. When I went to college, I tested out of a couple of years of French but wanted to take it anyway. The teacher sucked. I stopped taking it. I stopped speaking it. I lost it. I can read some and understand some, but I really have to think about it. I would have to relearn it to be fluent again. Tell your son not to lose it.


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