Friday, May 9, 2014

I Broke Down & Went to the Store

After I said I'd get through this week without going to the grocery store at all I went and broke down today.
I spent $19.84.
We were out of bread and tomatoes and meat for my lunch sammies.
We needed a bag of cheese for the dinner I'm making tonight(tacos).
A bottle of Fresca, 2 new "energy" drinks(all together came to $3), and 2 bags of tortillas chips & a bag of frozen fries(BOGO sale on the chips, $2 for the cold spuds- for #2Son)somehow jumped into my cart when I wasn't looking.
$9.26 of wants(mostly for the kid)and $10.58 of needs.

I've only cooked 2 times so far this week and tonight makes 3 times.
When your 18 year old son decides NOT to eat what you cook and eat fast food on his own dime, it sure cuts down on your food bill(and the number of days you need to cook as well).

Tomorrow is leftovers and Who Knows what Mother's Day will be.
I don't like going out on the "artificial holidays" as I use to have to work them so I get kinda PTSD about those. lol
And I am NOT cooking this Sunday.
Hubs hasn't even thought about it I am sure......we'll probably end up getting Chinese take-out, which would be fine by me.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I shared this on Facebook the other day.
Truer words were never spoken......hehehe

Hope all you Mothers out there have a peaceful day and  receive the adulation you all so deserve!



  1. Same goes for Stepmothers (me :)) We are going out to dinner so I don't have to cook and neither does Mom. Hubby gets off the hook this time.

  2. I like to eat out on holidays. It would be nicer if half the people in the restaurant stayed home. So, I chose another day for eating out in celebration. That did not mean I cooked!

    My day will be so peaceful it will be painful.

    I wonder when this son will decide to eat what you cook so he can hang onto his money. Just think, you can either put that extra money in savings or buy expensive stuff for yourself to eat.

  3. I love the sign! I don't usually drink, but hubby had a bottle of wine waiting for me after a long day of work yesterday and I'm ashamed to admit that I drank almost half of it. Happy Mother's Day Sluggy!

  4. Chinese food sounds great! My dd has a part time job, and sometimes, she spends her pay check on fast food. It gets down to my last nerve and irritates me. She says, "well it's my money". Yes, it's her money, but she's young and will figure it out the hard way.


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