Saturday, May 17, 2014

It is Done

The car purchase, that is.

Though I will probably spend the next week curled up in a ball, whimpering softly after having to plunk down the cash, it had to be done.

Check it out.....

I got them down about $2,200K from what they initially wanted.  And I clawed my way there a $100 at a time.....ugh.

The car cost $17,766 before tax, tags and title.

This was my first time working a deal without "a penis" along.
Yah, I had a man with me at this place the first time we went into that dealer but I worked the other dealers via the internet and the phone and closed this deal on the phone.

The salesman sputtered at first that me, the WIFE, had called him back and wanted to dicker the price.
Hubs is so bad at this game and if I had left it to him we'd probably had paid MSRP or very close to it.

I did the research and found the same car(same everything)at another area dealer, plus found this color was a slow seller, and used both of those points to get both dealers to bid it down until one cried "Uncle".

Plus if something had come up at any point to turn me off of this car/model/deal, I had a Corolla waiting in the wings with a firm price offer I could live with.

Just call me Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest"....

And if I didn't get a good deal please don't tell me and spoil this for me......lolz

So my next question is.....
Who wants a freeloading visit this Summer?

I gots wheels, will travel!!!




  1. so you got sonic the hedgehog! YAYZ!!!!!

  2. love the color of your car! Good job!

  3. Congratulations, Sluggy! That's GREAT! And the car is gorgeous! I love the color. Can't imagine why it's a slow seller.

    Sure, c'mon down if you want! Plan yourself a blogger road trip!

    Peace <3

  4. That really is a very cute car and the color is cool. Now you just need a matching raspberry beret to go with it! :-)

    1. Oh MY! That was clever. Now, I will have to plat Raspberry Beret to get the whole fee.

  5. Sluggy, I feel your pain (parting with such a large chunk of cash) as I was recently in the same predicament. I had planned on replacing my former, beloved econo car this upcoming Summer. Fast forward, a bad fall and a ripped right side shoulder (I was driving a stick shift) that required surgery meant that I had to trade in sooner than planned. I chose to tap into my next forever home savings in order to pay CASH. Put me in a better bargaining position, allowed me to remain debt free at a time that in my life with several large uncertainties. Fast forward again, and a few months later, I do not regret my decision, it was what was best.

    Enjoy your new car, it suits you!

    BTW-what did you end up doing with the van?

  6. Very cute car! If you are ever near Mount Vernon, Ohio feel free to stop by :)

  7. AHHHHHH the hedgehog is yours!!!!! Congrats! I think you did a fabulous job talking them down. Go you! Go you!


    So happy for you that the "car fun" is officially done!

  8. Great color. Cute car. Love it!

  9. That is so pretty. The color becomes you. Exbf desperately needs another car. But, he is so bad at dickering that I made him promise to let me come along to dicker. I could probably get him a better deal alone. I have bought 3 cars since I have been divorced and had no dick to take along. The time I did have a dick, he was paying cash for it and allowing me to pay him back. He runs a hard deal and got me a large luxury car with me objecting! Those people were desperate to seal the deal with me stomping around and shrieking my

    Congratulations! Is this going to be your car or hubs? Did he get the van and dump his?

  10. Congratulations on the new jalopy !!

  11. Congrats on the new ride! I love the color. Very snazzy looking :)

  12. I would love a visit from you. Come to North Dakota! We have graveyards here!

  13. Woot, welcome Sonic to the madness! I am yet to take a shot with my car... or name it. I don't want to do any of those things until I've transferred the title (still not done!!). I'd tell you to come over, but maybe once I get my own place...

  14. You are welcome to wheel it out to Canada (you know, that place where the people have the great breath :) and stop by our joint on Vancouver Island. Congrats on wheeling and dealing yourself a new car!

  15. I love your new car! It is totally YOU!

    When we car shop, hubby just tells the salesman, "Talk to her." and points at me. I guess I am the penis when it comes to car shopping. LOL! It is not that Hubby can't or won't dicker. He just loves watching me "in action" as he calls it.


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