Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Car Wrinkle

So I have an offer from Dealer #2 now on the Purple buggy.
Dealer #1 has thrown a monkey wrench into my negotiating plan as that salesman is off on Tuesday.
I can't wait around until Wednesday to respond to Dealer #2 car guy so I'll be bearding the den of liars and thieves at Dealer #1 by calling and speaking with a different salesman later today.

With all this pondering of spending WADS of CASH(makes me queasy just typing that!)I am feeling like I REALLY don't have to have a purple car.

Yes, it would be nice for once to get exactly what I want but if I can get a comparable deal and spend a little less, I could live with "not purple".

So I found another car at yet another dealer to consider.

This is a used 2013 Sonic.
Everything else the same, hatchback, automatic tranny, all that kind of stuff.
But it's black....not a fan.
And it's "used" but barely with under 3 thousand miles on it.
So practically new.

I am waiting to hear back on the carfax and what they'll charge me to take it off their hands.
Car Gurus says $15,109 is fair market price but I think I can get it for a bit less.
If I can save $3K buying this one vs. the best price on the purple 2014 one I am negotiating for I think I can get over it being "not purple".

It would be sweet not to take that thousands of $s new car hit on the 2014 model and still get an essentially new car.



  1. I HATE when things like that come up! I get a plan all set in my head and then, BAM I have to rework my numbers.
    Honestly, I would take a deep breath. This doesn't have to be done this second. Start over and rework everything. I honestly, think you should get the car that you love. For a little more, you will have a car that you adore. It doesn't happen very often that we get exactly what we want. And you deserve it.

  2. Black is the least visible color for a car. Red comes next for being dangerous. I had a friend with a black car, and she was hit three times. The final blow was when an 18-wheeler almost hit her in a parking lot. He swore he did not see the car. I would get anything but black or red and buy a little safety. Google it. Okay, I am getting down off my soap box before someone knocks me off.

  3. Maybe, you can find a local shop that can paint it purple for you for a few hundred dollars? Still, loads of savings.

  4. My son has a Sonic...He loves it.....Please check recalls first....We have a chevy Cobalt that has many recalls....so please be careful and check the year and recalls on the 2013....

  5. Sounds pretty typical. I've avoided all that by researching online as much as possible, then walking in and saying "this is what I'll pay". So far, so good.

    Good luck!!!

    Peace <3

  6. I live in a very small community with 2 car dealerships. For the last 30 plus years I'll just drive by (they are across the road from each other), see what they have...go home, pick up the phone, call and say: "Bring me the 3rd one on the left...give me the best deal...no cheating and Big Bill will come in tomorrow with a check"...a few hours later, here comes the new car, they take the old one ( most of the time I keep the old car and pass it on to one of the kids or store it in the barn). I love my small farm town...business is sooooo easy!


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