Monday, May 12, 2014

This is Getting Fun!

You may have read about my car shopping adventure on Saturday HERE.

And the salesman gave us the hard pressure sell on Sonic the Hedgehog here.....

 I spent the rest of the weekend doing some research and reading reviews of the car I wanted to buy, the Chevy Spark.

And while it is a good car it turns out it isn't the car I should buy.
I want to take a lot of long distance trips in this and it's just not cut out for long haul high speed interstate jaunts about the country.....unless I want to invest in a race car drivers kidney belt and really good earplugs. lolz

So goodbye to this Grape Ice little beauty......

Which means I am now focusing on buying a Sonic, the next size Chevy car up.

And if I get one, of course, I'd prefer it be Deep Magenta, the Limited Edition color for Spring 2014.

Like Sonic the Hedgehog pictured above.

I had put feelers out with Chevy dealers within a 75 mile radius last Thursday.
So one particular dealer has been leaving me emails and phone messages since then.
They seem hot to make some money.

So I went to their website and lo and behold they have the exact same Sonic in the exact same color and option package as the one the guy in Wilkes-Barre wants to sell me.

So now I am going to play ball with these two dealers.
A little game of "I have a price of $X from the other guy, so can you beat him out for my business?"

I wasn't totally happy with the price the WB dealer gave me for a bottom line so let's see if I can get this price down by buying the car from the other dealer OR if WB dealer will match or beat the other dealer's price.

I see on CarGurus that this car has been sitting for almost a year on their lot so that gives me some edge.

Let's see how far under $18K I can get them.
I've got some leverage since I am NOT emotionally invested in throwing this kind of money on a car and I can totally just walk away.
And I will.

This gal can play with the big boys....
I may not have a penis but boy, do I have balls!




  1. Sluggy - I ALWAYS do the negotiating when we buy a car. It absolutely drives the salesMEN nuts because their default position is to talk to my husband, not me. And he just keeps referring them back to me because . . . I can say no, and I will get up and walk away if I'm not getting what I want. You go girl!

  2. In the end, you will take a penis with you. But, I helps for the woman to be ballsy. Did you check CarFax? It is the place you check to see what has happened to the car in the past, like accidents, victim of flood. There is some reason that car has been sitting on the lot for a year. Maybe it is just the, so no problem for you.

  3. I think that not being emotionally attached and the willingness to walk away give you the highest edge. Also not needing the car *yesterday*. I would totally play them off against each other. I've always heard about bringing a guy over to negotiations. I had planned to bring my dad, if I ever got to a dealership.

  4. I am the car negotiator in my family, too. There is always a penis handy if I need one. LOL!


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