Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Car Repair Dilemma

If you haven't guessed, and you would have if you've been reading this blog for awhile, I have a terrible time making decisions sometimes.
I guess it's a fear of making the WRONG decision that causes my indecision usually.

I hate making a bad decision because that leads to even more decisions that I fear.

Yes, sometimes I am a big ball of all kinds of f**ked up-ness.....(that is TO a word! lolz)

After reading all the comments about this potentially $3K minivan repair I am still torn.

Yes, I don't want to throw more money after bad on repairing a 10+ year old vehicle but the one big stumbling block is this.....

My minivan doesn't even have 98K miles on it yet.
Potentially this motor and other major parts is good for another what?...52K miles at least?

On the flip side, it's 10+ years old, gets miserable gas mileage and I don't NEED a car that large since I don't have a business or kids I need to haul around anymore.

And if we use that $3K this vehicle may need to repair it toward a new used car, that amount doesn't buy much of a car, even used.....we'll have to pour more $ into a new used car purchase than $3K.

I went looking around at the local Chevy dealer's site.

Isn't this car cute?

I don't base your car choice on "it's cute".
Besides I probably can't fit my fat ass in the thing, it's tiny!
But the local dealer has one and it's only $12K new.

Off to go window/internet shop........
Such a waste of money, cars are IMHO.



  1. I think that car is cute and yes... I buy a car if it's cute...

  2. I read the other night that you shouldn't buy a used car. With new, you can figure to within a percent or two, what the dealership has in it, and offer a reasonable margin. Plus, APRs are VERY low for new cars, sometimes a fraction of 1% (like .49%) for 5 years. $3K on a vehicle (I rode in it, remember?) that makes noises like it did with what, 4 people in it, is another repair bill waiting to happen, 98K miles or not. I'd say you've got 5K left on it, max, before something else big dollar gives out. It you want a car with good mileage and that you'll fit in, look at the Volkswagen Beetles. Surprisingly large in the drivers and passengers areas. Some others out there are like that.

    Here, the wrong decision is to continue to throw money at a vehicle that will cost you far more than its worth, not to mention inconvenience you repeatedly as it continues to fail, and just drives you crazy. I know you have 4 more years of college bills, but $250/month for reliable, safe transportation is a lot cheaper than $3000 every 3 months wrapped up with all the other headaches it will cause!

    Peace <3

  3. I say since you don't love the car, it gets bad mileage, and still potential for other major repairs in the near future, I'd put that $3000 towards something new(used)

  4. it is cute and I love the color. What kind of car is that?

  5. Agree with Jay. Lose the van, reap what you can from it, move on to something else (used is fine) that gets at least 35 mpg. My current car gets 50 mpg-I LOVE it!

  6. I bought a 2000 Malibu in 2001, a rental car, for $5K. I have had maybe $1000 of repairs in that time, including water pump, EGR something and small things. The tires and oil changes are not counted in this total. A place where I worked paid $900 for something, some part of the motor, so I could get to work. I did not ask. They just did things like this for employees. It's 14 yrs old and still seems to have a lot of life left in it. It needs an $80 motor for ac, something under the passenger side from inside. Limbs keep falling on it, but over it runs and does not look too bad unless you walk up to it. Buying a used car worked fine for me. But, things may all fall apart when I post this.

    But, your getting another used car will not guarantee you will not have repair bills soon. It can happen. Maybe fixing the used car you have would be better than getting another used car.

  7. My Camry is 14 years old with 200,000 miles. I am itching to get a new car too. Actually a Ford F 150 truck. Not economical at all. But I like to ride high and I really want the roomy cab.

  8. Making decisions is never easy, especially if choosing the wrong one will cost you to spend more. I think repairing your minivan is worth it, as long as you work with reliable repair shops. Make sure they use high quality materials for your car. If you feel that all the cost of repairs in the long run is equivalent to the price of a new car, you can also pursue buying the new one. I hope you’ll be able to finalize your car decisions wisely. Keep the updates up! :)

    Taleen Kizirian


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