Monday, January 14, 2013

Meal Planning January Week 3, Food Spending Week 2

Well we had a rare FOOD WASTE situation last week.
Since I started being vigilant about FW a couple of years ago, this doesn't happen often.

I finally got the freezer defrosted and found a baggie of pork barbecue.....the real smoked stuff from this past Summer.  I had a small amount(3 sandwiches worth of meat?)but in the freezer for #1 Son to have when he came home.  Well, we couldn't find it when he was home at Christmas....figures, right? lol
It was a tad freezer burned when I dug it out and I couldn't give it to the dogs because it was sauced up North Carolina style(vinegar and hot sauce) and yah, I'm not chancing that running through the dogs gastrointestinal tracts, if you know what I mean. ;-)
So I had to throw out barbecue.....
I should have to turn in my Southerner badge for that.

                    (Not what I threw out.)

Onward to the Meal Plan!

Here is what actually got served last week....

Sunday--Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots
Monday--Chinese take-out(again!), teen had Taco Bell
Tuesday--Salmon, Potato Salad, Green Beans
Thursday--Lasagna(from freezer)
Friday--Leftovers or Fend For Yourself Night
Saturday--Roast Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Onions, Carrots

I served about half of the meals I had planned, due to picking up some good deals at the store, and I had to take a pan of lasagna out of the freezer when I defrosted it, so that has to be used.  The meals that didn't get served get moved to next week.

The food spending last week?

Well I made up for spending nothing the first week in January!
In the end, I spent $148.95 of my $400 food budget in Week 2, plus I have a $10 Catalina to use in the next 2 weeks.

I got the freezer defrosted so I had room for some .78¢ lb. Roasters, $3 bacon and $2.28 lb. Ground Beef.  Then I went to Weis and hit on some meat reductions--like 2 Roaster Chicken Breasts at .99¢ lb., almost 3lbs. of Italian Sausage for $1.44 lb. and 4 small Pork Roasts for $1.55 lb.  These Pork Roasts are 2lb. each and perfect for popping into the crockpot for making Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  Each one cost me about $3 and should make enough for 1 meal of sammies. I grabbed 2 dozen cheap eggs and some fresh fruit and veg too.
There was also a Catalina Deal at Weis which included pet food so I picked up Dog Kibble too as we were low.

As for leftovers rolling into this week--Lasagna, 1 helping of Cabbage, Chicken, Roasted Pots/Onions/Carrots Mix.


Here is what is getting served this week.....
Sunday--Steak, Asparagus, Potatoes & Onions
Tuesday--Rigatoni w/Meat Sauce, Brussel Sprouts, Rolls(made into Garlic bread)
Wednesday--Beef Tips in Gravy over Noodles, Asparagus
Friday--Chicken Pot Pie
Saturday--Leftovers-if not enough then Cheese Steaks

I cooked enough steak on Sunday so we can have Beef Tips on Wednesday.  Daughter bought enough Asparagus for 2 meals. The Chicken dinner from last Saturday evening gets recreated into a Pot Pie on Friday.  If enough people can't find a leftover to eat on Saturday then I'll make the Cheese Steaks.....if not, the Cheese Steaks get put off until the following week's menu.
I have a container of homemade bechamel sauce left that has to get used, so on Monday evening I'll make a small pan of Mac and Cheese to augment that Leftovers night.

Needed at the store to serve this lot?
Daughter bought Asparagus and I bought Roasting Chicken and a bag of Carrots last week and we're using up bits and pieces of veggies so we don't need anything else this week to do this menu.
Last week's stocking up went much higher than the $50 I aimed for, as noted above.

I'll be going to my 2 grocery stores this week to note prices for the new Price Book but I hope to not have to buy but a few fresh produce items.

What's on your menu for the week?  Any good deals in the grocers this week?
Did you have any food waste this week?


  1. FW--does dropping a cup of cole slaw onto the floor count? I scooped up all I could and took it to the hens. They love coleslaw, really, they eat it like they are starving.

    I found Ziploc Christmas bags marked down enough that using a coupon for both made them $0.25 for each box, and ALL for washing machine at CVS was just a tad lower than the lowest price elsewhere, and with coupons made it a real saving.

    Maybe I said I got 2 gallons of milk for a little over $2 gallon.

  2. I was apparently out of everything this week, because I had to restock pretty much everything in my pantry - canned tomatoes, black beans (we use a lot), flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter. . . the list goes on.

    I stocked the freezer over the weekend, so we'll be having spaghetti, tacos, chicken salad, & a few other things. Your menu sounds good! Love asparagus, & it's hard to find this time of year!

  3. We did an accidental defrost on our deep freeze lately too and had to throw out a lot...
    Bummer on the BBQ!!!


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