Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did You Start Your Price Book Yet This Week?

If you need to get up to speed on this, go read HERE first.

I picked up $31 worth of groceries yesterday and got my Store #1 prices into my book.
I'll be off shortly to Store #2 for their prices this week and will post later this evening my findings for both stores.

Did you get your book together with your list of regularly bought/needed items and get to the store yet this week?
Be sure you get Week One's prices before your sales ads change.
Don't make me come there and wag my finger at you...... ;-)

Til Later,



  1. Most of the things from this january compred to last January are so much higher but we knew that already. But again I am cutting my coupons...planning carefully. I also mark in my price book on what days the different markets mark down the meats. Then after I take the girls to school I hit the market and hope that they have meat marked down..usually they do. But both of the markets are on my way home so they don't take me out of my way or waste any gas

  2. lol! Keep waggin' your finger as you come on over here and help me!!! I REALLY want to do this, but am not coordinated enough or organized enough to remember to take a stinking notebook to the store with me. Oh and have a pen at the same time. You might as well tell me to pat my head whilst rubbing my stomach.


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