Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's the Middle of January Already?!?

I find it hard to believe that half of January has gone by already.
For gosh sakes, I haven't even settled on my Yearly 2013 Goals, let alone which ones to tackle in January! lol

2 Weeks+ into the year and I am already behinder.

So I'll refer to my "To Do" List posted on the sidebar for January(over there --->)
and see how I'm progressing.

*  Gather tax records  working on this one, slowly

*  Make new Price Book working on this one also, I've got 5 more weeks until it's done

*  Shutdown eBay Store  DONE!  Got it shut down and paid the bill, sort of.  I'll get a $10 credit on next month's bill, but eBay doesn't cut you a check for a refund....no, they keep a credit on your account.  As I don't want a $10 credit sitting there unused for another year or forever, I paid my last invoice minus the amount of the future credit, so that my next invoice will be a zero balance.  Makes sense right?  Oh, not to eBay!  They send me a collection email each week, with progressively more threatening language.  Ooooo!  They are going to charge me late fees(of 1.5%)and send my debt to a collection agency.  I am so scared!!  How will I ever afford that 15¢ late fee?
Get real eBay.....I don't care.

*  Clean out InkFrog files & Close Account working on this one too, trashed 300 files so far.  I need to transfer my descriptions and images back to my HD and then onto a flash drive in case I ever need them again.  I hope to get this finished before I have to pay another $9.95 a month.

*  Scan 1 scrapbook of photos Not even begun yet
I'll start this later this week.  No time limit on it but I want to get it done this month.

*  Finish reading John Lee Holt book working on this one, on page 105.  It's not an easy read.  Plus it's quite depressing, since I know the outcome and it's someone related to me.  Chronologically I am at Aug. 18, 1862.....almost to 2nd Bull Run.  I have to keep stopping every so often to refresh my memory on particular battles of the war so I don't get lost.   John is now a part of Pickett's Brigade, Longstreet's Division.  About 9 mos. before Gettysburg.....
Perhaps I should avoid reading any books concerning Lincoln's War in the Winter time. 8-)

*  Put Christmas stuff away  DONE!
Usually this takes all month or longer, but I nagged enough to get everyone cooperating enough to finish the tasks.

*  Defrost and organize Freezer  DONE!  Got the freezer de-iced last week.  Amazing amount of space once the ice was gone!lol  Filled up the new empty space last week as well with some good meat deals.

*  Drop NCP Membership  DONE!  Just waiting on the scanner to arrive back at the HQ in NY.  Gawd!  I will be so glad when this whole adventure is done!!!  What a PITA this was.  Whoever gave me the notion to join this Nielsen Home thing in the first place?  You better be glad I can't remember shit anymore because if I could, I'd be showing up on your doorstep to kick. your. ass.
If you ever see these people advertizing for Panelists, RUN in the opposite direction!  It is so not worth it unless you like doing mindless crap for NO reward.

*  Celebrate my Birthday!  Not time yet--next week  Friday kicks off Birthday Week at Chez Sluggy!  My and Martin Luther King are partying hard this year.....just no CHEESEcake! lol



  1. You're doing fabulous! Wow!! Let me know if you need me to spot you that $.15... i'm good for it. ;) LOL!! Gotta love ebay.. haha!!

    1. I just might need that 15 cents so stick around, ok?lol

  2. You are doing great on your goals. We haven't received a single tax document yet this year!

    1. We're still waiting on the W-2s....I cashed out 2 of the kids' ESA in 2012 to use them and we got that and our interest statements from various accounts, but still no W-2s. Our taxes are a tad more involved than most folks tho.

  3. At least those ebay ding a lings are using email. I love it when postage costs more than the bill!!
    I have read about NCP (mis)adventures...people doing hours of work for nothing. They sure make it sound good though!
    I hope your Birthday Festival is wonderful! Pretty sure that there are a lot of beverages that have no cheese! I will drink a toast of wine to you!
    Thank you for your always encouraging and funny words of wisdom!!

    1. OMG....NCP has been the biggest waste of time! And the 1 time I had to call their CS they were so nasty!! 3+ years and all I got for my trouble was an electric griller.
      Seriously, not worth it!!lol

      Thanks for the Bday wishes. I am fully stocked on Bday beverages. lol Feel free to commence toasting me very soon...the sooner the better. ;-)

  4. &*(#$&(@#$ you just reminded me that I need to deal with the freezer. I just have the small upper compartment in the fridge, but no matter how big or how small, your freezer turns into a black hole!

    When I cleared out my office, I rediscovered my favorite Calvin and Hobbes book - "Scientific Progress Goes Boink" which is what I'm reading and I recommend it for you as well!

    1. I'll see if the library has this one, thanks!
      And ya see?....rediscovering your inner C&H......some good has come of the work situation already. ;-)

  5. I think that by your birthday week you could eat cheesecake. I would risk it,anyway. That reminds me--I do believe there is one package of creme cheese in the refrigerator. Thanks for the heads up on Nielsen.

    1. If I do attempt cheesecake I'll do it for breakfast so I have plenty of time to degunk myself before bedtime. lol
      I'd rather have cannoli tho but it would have the same effect as cheesecake on my system.

  6. That book sounds great, how does that war end:) You big cheese you!


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