Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well No Wonder!

I finally realized why I was in a bad mood all day Monday.

First off, I'm in mourning.....

R.I.P. Lady Sybil Crawley Branson

And even worse, the semi-annual car insurance bill arrived.
They couldn't even wait until February to stick that sucker in the mail to me.....

Some days it barely pays to get out of bed! ;-)



  1. Gulp, we pay monthly. I may climb into bed with you. $305 a month. The kids pay their part but still that one is a killer. We would get a 5% or 10% if we pay the entire thing upfront but if I am going to save that kind of cash up, it ain't for that bill. I know again I have failed you.

    1. If your kids are paying their share you are doing better than me!!
      The only one paying their share is oldest.....yet, he pays it with money we gave him for school....so really we are still paying it all....lol
      I can be smug for a tiny bit longer because we pay less than you do....#2 son goes for his driver's test today and if he passes our insurance gets to go up, so you'll get to wipe that grin off my face very shortly.lolol

  2. I pay semi annually too, and they've been almost borderline harassing me with emails about it. It's not due until 2/24, and I have it scheduled to be paid on 2/1. Not sure what their rush is...

    1. Makes me glad they don't have my email addy....lol Reminds me of the few magazine subscriptions I've had over the years and how they start trying to sell you on renewing your subscription 6 MONTHS before it runs out. 8-)

  3. SO did your son pass his test? Those insurance bills are damned ugly.

  4. Right there with ya' on being in a crappy mood Monday and realizing it came from the demise on downton the night before. I know it's fiction (I can still hear my mother telling me "it's just make-believe, honey" when I'd get upset or scared by something on TV), but still... Boooo! As for car insurance - soooo happy my son is grown and off on his own (and not driving at all in the city), so I'm not footing his car insurance bill anymore.

  5. So happy we are empty nesters! No kids on the car insurance. Yes!


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