Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Going on at Chez Sluggy Lately

I want to thank everyone who left birthday wishes on the blog for me!
Lots of old blogging buddies as well as new folks coming out of lurkdom and somewhere in between too.

It all warmed the cockles of my old, increasing grumpy heart....

Hubs took me out to Denny's at lunchtime on Monday so I could claim my free Grand Slam meal.  Then the family did the singing and cake thing Monday evening.
Daughter even got me a Whitman's Sampler box of dark chocolates.
And she put this on top of it.....

The chocies came with a $2 +Up Reward!   I think I was more excited by this than the candy.
That's my

Evidently she's been giving Rite-Aid our phone number(which gives them my Wellness #)when she buys stuff there, because I am suddenly up to $62.89 for the $100 I need to get the 50th Anniversary Reward. lolol
I told her to go buy some more stuff there before Saturday to get me to $100 in spending.

Why didn't I think of this much cheaper way to get +Up Rewards years ago? lolol

Hubs didn't give me anything yet so maybe I'll give him a list of things that qualify for the 50th Anniv. Promo that I want for my birthday at Rite-Aid. Hmmmm......

My Gas Points at Weis expire on Saturday too.  My gas tank should be pretty low by then so I hope I remember to go get gas and use that .30¢ discount.

The Daughter has changed her educational plan yet again.....sigh
She's looking to attend a different community college in the Fall so she dropped 2 courses that won't transfer and that she doesn't need for the program there.  The program she was trying to get into here isn't working out(due to high demand and her placement test scores weren't so good), so she's going to move out of state and attend another program(once she places in).  I hope this one works out.

#2 Son got a job on Friday.  Well, he sort of had a job at a different restaurant, but they hardly ever called him in.  He was like the substitute's substitute dishwasher or something.
So he finally got an application together and went up on Friday and they gave him the job on the spot.
He's already worked 2 nights and seems happier and they haven't fired him. lol
Now I don't want to hear how the 18 year old nephew can't find a job and has been looking for a year now with no luck.  He just doesn't want to have to DO anything to get paid....except sit on his ass.

Now we have the Driver's road test next week for #2 Son.  If the parallel parking doesn't sink him, he'll do fine.

I've got to make reservations for #1 Son's graduation in May.  He'll be a college graduate in just over 4 months!  Goodbye FAFSA!!!lolol  This will be a 3 day saga since it's on the other side of the state.
I told him not to count on many of the family coming to it, since nobody lives out there.  They'd all have to travel and pay for lodging/food/gas to attend and most of them don't have the extra cash to do this.

Now I get to worry about him finding a job after college in his field.  I know he'll do whatever he has to to stay afloat economically but I worry anyway.  That's my mom job after all.....

As for me?  I still haven't figured out my 2013 Goals.  Heck, I'm doing well if I can figure out a meal plan a week ahead! lol
And it's too danged cold!!!  Our most recent electric bill was $340 and $216 of that was for heat. 

Gotta get up to the grocery store and then mail some textbooks back to Amazon.

What's going on in your world lately?



  1. You have a crazy full life of fun mom moments ahead! And, love that your daughter gave you the UP reward. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :-)

    Things are pretty standard in our house - karate lessons, skiing, & the husband travelling a lot. Me working & trying not to stuff my face with all of the baking I've been doing lately. I've just been in the mood for it?

    1. Daughter truly knows the way to my heart, doesn't she?lol

      And just you've got the teen years ahead x 2....bwwaaaaahhhh

  2. Congrats to your son getting a job. Hurray! And 30c discount on gas? Wow. And I thought I got excited with a 10c discount, usually 0 or 5c instead. Good job.

    1. Since I don't spend more than $50 in any transaction at the grocery store I usually don't get but a 10¢ or Zero¢ off the gas. But Dec. I bought that expensive roast. It's nothing I'm going to get use

      Now if he can get his license and I don't have to drive him back and forth to said job, we are golden!
      Anytime I can get the kids off the family welfare rolls(allowance)is a very good

  3. My daughter would do the same with the receipt :-) We've been getting some good gas rewards from our grocery store. Last time DD filled up she got $1.00 a gallon and today she got to use .50 discount. I've been letting her use them, since she pays for her own gas.

  4. LOL!! You always make me laugh! I don't have any 2013 goals either... Like you, I'm happy enough to get a weeks meal plan under my belt!! ;)

  5. Happy belated Birthday!!! And looks like you raised your daughter right :)

  6. I think that is cute that she helps you save. You may have raised a girl who will be good with saving all her life. As a matter of fact, all three of your children seem to be right on track for success.

    You are probably the only Mom who gets Ups for her birthday.

    And, speaking of success, you are going to mention several times that your son got a job right off the bat. Right?

    I like the way you milk your birthday!

  7. I'm so impressed with your kids!Finding work, graduating and earning you more UPs+. Your work here is done.

  8. Finally, a good use for a kid!

    Our heating bills are so low compared to our big old house that we never dread opening them. It's sort like if your accustomed to getting punched in the face, a slap ain't that bad?

    My BFF is constantly warning her daughter not to expect a free ride after graduation. One friend has a saying "if you live hear you are either learning or earning." She'll let them stay if they are enrolled in school or if they are working any paying rent. Can't get over parents who just let grown kids live at home for free.

  9. What a thoughtful gift from your daughter!!! HOPE!!!
    LOL! I guess I'd just be happy my kids bought me anything...

  10. Sounds like the kids are doing pretty good. That is a reflection on you....until they do something bad. Then that is a reflection on Dad. LOL!


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