Monday, January 14, 2013

Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the Lasagna

I don't know if it's SAD(Seasonal Affected Disorder)brought on by the lack of sunlight or my own post-Holiday blues or both, but I just can't seem to get traction on anything around here lately.

I just want to sleep.
I don't feel well.  I guess I'm sick but it's not something I can go to the doctor for and get a pill or such.
I thought I had flu, but I don't.
I know I'm having sinus issues, which I shouldn't be having at this time of year.
Maybe my soul is stuck in a malaise and it's presenting itself as physical illness.

And not that anyone wants to read this but.....even though I've been eating 'normally' my lower gastrointestinal tract has not been "happy".

So I looked at what I had been eating lately and played Clue with myself and I think I found the culprit for some of this unpleasantness.

As a result, I've taken myself off of eating cheese in any way, shape or form for 1 week.

I've noticed that cheese is making me "gunky".....high falootin' professional medical term "gunky", right?
And between gunkiness and sinus issues I am a gurgling, wheezing mess in the chest.  Coughing to beat the band too.  "Need to invest money into Kleenex stock" coughing.
So I am off cheese and also keeping away from milk.

And as soon as a say no to cheese and try to meal plan, I notice that if you take into account every dish I cook that includes milk and cheese, we eat quite a bit of it around Chez Sluggy.
I heart cheese but it's not being kind to me.

My denouement with fromage came last Thursday when I served the Lasagna from the freezer.  I had a small serving and by bedtime, my Gunkometer was through the roof!
That's when I gave cheese the heave ho! for a week.

I am now on Day Four sans cheese and I think my coughing and congestion is down.  Not running through the tissues at an astonishing clip anymore.
But I am still not feeling like my old self.  (Including the lower gastro area either...even after some additional citrus and roughage.)

And the cheese in the kitchen keeps calling to me it's siren song of creamy, tangy goodness........
Please make it stop!

Sluggy-who dreamed she was a grilled cheese sandwich last night


  1. Wow, the first paragraph is exactly how I feel right now...Minus tummy problems. Do you think you could develop lactose intolerance? Try to go off milk too and see what happens.

    1. Sometimes I'm not too bright. I have a long history of allergies to food from practically birth. Cheese has never given me this kind of grief before tho. I have been avoiding cow's milk too and that's probably helped me as well so thanks for bringing that up too.

  2. try a few days with no dairy in general, thats what clears up my gunkyness :)

    1. Thanks Anonymous.....I've been mostly dairy free while being cheese free.

  3. Oooo, I love cheese and it sometimes does not love me. Once in awhile I give it the heave ho for a few days, but its siren song lures me back. Someone tie me to the mast please, and shove cheese in my ears.

    I always cut back on dairy when kids or I were congested. Now, docs say milk products do not produce more snot. I don't believe it.

    This time of the year, I can sleep 12+ hours if a day if I just allowed myself. Right now, there are three lamps with 8 bulbs burning here in the room where I am sitting. Plus, two rooms adjacent to this one have all their lights on since I am hoping all the lights will leak into here. SAD is well-named because it does leave me sad.

    Don't have too much fun, now.

    1. So if we shove the cheese in your ears can we keep your mouth open so you can be the Odysseus of Cheese? lol

    2. Sure. If I am properly tied, I cannot get the cheese from my ears to my mouth. Cheese does call to me. Yes, Odysseus was what I had in mind. Otherwise, I would be Overdosed on Cheese.

  4. Caveat is to avoid all dairy when suffering nasal congestion as it somehow produces phlegm. Also, cheese is nototious as a constipating agent. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to a cheese fan. Feel better.

    1. Thanks CTMom.
      I'm sure that steak last night didn't help

  5. CTMOM,
    Docs say that is not true. All us mothers are have been for centuries all over the world. My Romanian friend assured me they take children off milk in Romania, too.

    I try to eat nuts or apples or good fiber to offset my cheese attacks. At any rate, I do eat lots of fiber, but some days the cheese consumption is overboard, thus more fiber in the shape of nuts or another apple.

  6. I'm sure glad I'm not the only *slightly-over-50-ish* woman who just wants to SLEEP.

  7. I can get a sinus infection in a heartbeat if I eat cheese -- after a horrendous 3 week battle last April I gave all dairy up. Makes me feel better every day, but I miss the cheese too.

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  8. I hope you get to feeling better Sluggy!

  9. Oh honey, you and me both. I have to say that I feel a ton better now that I am dairy free. Dairy is in so much so just read labels.
    My idiot doctor did say a long time ago that there is a lot of talk about cutting dairy out of everyone's diet.
    Cutting it out has made a world of difference in my health but some of it with me is food allergies. I wonder if that is what is going on with you. I had terrible sinus problems, headaches and dizziness when I was "on cheese."
    I bet you get better once you go cold turkey or in your case, cold cheese.

  10. I am glad cheese is so good to me... I love cheese, any kind, all types! I'm totally a cheese fiend. I know you've been recommended to stay off lactose products, but have you tried yogurt? That normally helps calm one's tummy. Feel better soon.

  11. Wow! You know a LOT of hi-falootin' words! If we ever get colds, we steer clear of dairy products because that just creates more mucus. yucky!

  12. Sorry Sluggy, I cannot relate at all..I HEART CHEESE!!! and bread and wine...I should be French LOL

  13. I've actually heard that dairy products can affect your breathing. Strange, really. I hope you feel better soon!!


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