Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wise Words

While I never cared much for Penn & Teller's act, I think Penn Jillette is a very intelligent thinking man who, at his core, gets the big issues in life right.

You may not agree with him on the religion thing(as most of mainstream America still  isn't very open minded or accepting yet when it comes to that realm), but I encourage everyone to look up some of his writings on most any other subject.
He has a lot to say and he articulates it much better than I!



  1. I have to say that I am thankful to be eligible for unemployment benefits and to have benefited from Social Security survivor benefits as a kid. We were poor because my dad died. Without help, I don't know that we could have survived. Some people are a good return on investment with regard to the safety net. I've paid into the system and I've also benefited from it, so I guess I am less inclined to see it as evil.

  2. It's all a magic show. Poof!

  3. He's got a point... compassion isn't asking others to get things done. Is doing them yourself. It starts at the individual level.


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