Friday, January 25, 2013

Considering Some Changes

I've been pondering some changes here at Don't Read This; It's Boring!.
New year so time to change things up and put new lipstick on the old blog, right?

I've been considering discontinuing my Savings Challenge posts.  Oh, I'll still be here saving money and putting it away, but I don't get the feeling that posting about it is interesting to anyone, let alone, helpful to anyone.
I know I only post about it once a month but still, I feel like it's become a braggy thing.
Any thoughts on this?

And my Rite-Aid posts......anybody interested in keeping these or am I doing those for my own amusement? ;-)

One of the activities I'm going to set out to do this year is to journal about my life.  I'm no professional writer(ha!)and I'm not pretentious enough to call my scribblings my autobiography, but in fact this missive will accomplish two goals--help me sort out feelings about my past and leave a legacy for my children, good or bad, to help them try to understand the path I took through life and why. 

I'm fairly sure I don't want to share this roller coaster of family emotions with the interweb at large. Some of it is not pretty but at 54 years old, it's some stuff I need to finally deal with and stop burying.

 I'll probably set this Life Journal up as another blog and set it to Private so only those invited can behold Sluggy Gone Wild. ;-)  I feel that some of what I have to say may make some folks uncomfortable and I don't want to lose readers due to content.  There may be sections I can clean up and share on the regular blog and will.

Being close to retirement age, I want to talk a little more about preparing for that stage of life.  In the next 5.5 years Hubs and I will have a totally empty nest.  Hubs is on the downward side of his job trajectory now with retirement looming within the next 3-6 years.  How long he can stick it out depends on how much longer he can continue to keep his mouth shut and not tell these asshats at work what a load of horseshit this PC stuff they do is, and not have a stroke or have blood shoot out of his ears.  What ever happened to doing your work and being evaluated on how productive you are and being pleasant in your work place?  Now they have an agenda and want you to sit around a drum circle chanting and having workshops to make everyone feel good about their self-esteem and to go volunteer in a soup kitchen on Saturdays together on their own time and if you don't, you aren't an inclusive team player.  The Nanny State is bad enough, watch out for the Nanny Employer!
But I digress.....

I'll be talking more about retirement stuff this year and how to do retirement in a frugal style. 

Would anyone have an interest in hearing about what we did as a family in the earlier stages of life?
Like how we financially kept our heads above water as newly marrieds, with small kids, etc.?  I might have a pearl of wisdom or two to share for someone in those stage of life. 

Any thoughts or suggestions about the blog are appreciated.



  1. Sluggy
    It's your blog, you do as you see fit. Discontinue or reduce your great bargain shopping sprees, change to a focus on your past and looming changes in your future. I am sure that some would benefit from any tips you could share for those starting out, with a young family, or a soon to be moving out/empty nesting family (they do tend to come back, however!), etc. I do like your writing style, it's genuine.


  2. I like the idea of frugal retirement in style.... as I'm there now. :)

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  4. The changes sound like interesting read to me! I say go for it. I think we all already know what an amazing Rite Aid shopper you are :-) Not that I'll ever probably get to retire, but it would be good to read about how it can be done frugally.

  5. I am amazed at your level of savings and read it to others. I don't think it is bragging. I tell about your drugstore savings and you you as an example of what a person can do. Your attitude makes me comfortable and never worry if you brag or state facts. Your attitude makes the difference.

    I like everything you post and would be interested in everything you suggested adding. But, I don't want you to stop posting on anything you have been writing and posting so far.

    The second blog is a good idea. You know part of my story. I have been intending to start another blog to deal with the dirtiness and evil of my ex. I never thought about making it private and invitation only. sigh Maybe I will this year.

    You do write well.

    1. I'll echo this!! I would love to hear more about "the early years", as well as continued explanation of how you're able to save. It's motivating to see someone in a different stage of the journey.

  6. The how much you saved & rite aid posts don't mean much to me because we can't do that stuff here in Canada, so I don't understand 1/2 of it. ;) I would LOVE to know more about you, how you started to save money, definitely about when you were younger, etc... :) Oh... Can I get a VIP invite to "Sluggy gone Wild" as well?! ;) haha!!!

  7. I gotta tell you sluggy that I am interested in anything you have to write. Finding out how you became you interests me and I feel I could learn something along hte way.

    so if you decide to do it take me with you

  8. I love to hear about you and anything that you write. You help keep me on track in an interesting way. Write what your heart tells you too.

  9. Sluggy, it would be nice to know how your husband copes with work and how you are facing your 50's. As a responsible lady in the same age group who now relies on my "breadwinner" it's always a curiosity for me to know how others are sensibly dealing with this phase of our life. I know we have a good amount save, but is it enough? Are we practical? When you can see what others are doing and facing this life stage it gives a better perspective. It's a good contrast to the American preoccupation with affluence and expensive lifestyles. Keep it in this blog!

  10. the retirement planning stuff sounds good.

  11. I'm always interested in what you have to say, family or not :) And you inspire me to save more and look for good deals. We are far from retirement age but I would love to learn about it from you too!

  12. I Love it all. I love the Savings Challenge - Not Bragging... I Love the Rite Aid and I don't even have one. But if you want to change it up I am all for that too. I just like hearing what you have to say.. Melissa

  13. I find you fascinating and hopeto be invited to read your new blog. I like your Rite Aid posts, inspires me to do better. In fact, there are a couple of Rite Aids in Central Florida. Not close enough to visit on a regular basis.

    You do have a gift for writing :)

  14. I would love to hear about the earlier years with little ones. Is there anything you regret about being ultra thrifty? Anything that you look back on and think was spot on?

  15. Yes Yes and more Yes. I am very interested and would be interested in your other blog if you start it.
    BTW I am still having problems with getting my pictures to rotate. They show up rotated on my pictures but show up sideways when they post on my blog. Oh could be worse and I know I will figure it out somehow.

  16. Maybe I should reserve "Sluggygonewild.blogspot" and trade it for some Rite-Aid goodies...

    I think it'd be interesting the topics you'll be facing as both a soon-to-be empty nester and things you're exploring for retirement. I would definitely love to see how it all started, since I'm (hoping) to get started in the next 2 years with something more than a "debt paying" history of my life.

  17. Love your writing - and I love the Savings Challenge you do - has motivated me in that area. Interested in hearing the how you got here story and retirement!

  18. We're in the same boat with retirement so would enjoy reading all you have to say on that subject!

    Actually, even though I don't get all the RA stuff you do it's fun to see how you do with it, and all the other savings stuff you do.

    I'd read your blog if all you did was talk about the phone book.

  19. I think you're a great writer with an interesting look on life. I really enjoy the RA shopping trips as I try my best there also. I never quite reach the same savings rate but I keep getting better. The savings challenges really open my mind to the possibilities available to me. I forget how I came across your blog(prob. something to do with couponing) but I find myself visiting almost daily. I really enjoy your style and will be in a similiar spot with teens shortly as I approach the big 5-0.

  20. Hi Sluggy. I would read anything you post. Hearing about how thrifty you were in your younger years as well as a thrifty retirement appeals to me as one applies to me and the other applies to my parent. As others have said post what you want on this blog in your own voice. It's yours and people keep coming back to read it. Sluggy gone wild will be an interesting read too :)

  21. Sluggy, I love your blog and have never considered any of your posts to be bragging. I will read no matter what you long as you will let me.

  22. I love your blog and would love for u to keep talking about your savings!!! and your life, Im 33 and love to read about you at the family

  23. I enjoy your savings posts. Im a Canadian so sadly No Rite Aid for me. I enjoy reading of others journey from one stage in life to another, as well how you deal with change. I think another blog that has unlimited topics is a great idea. I've thought about that myself so i can be free of limitations.

    The humor in your posts is always a welcome part of my day!


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