Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Week of Not Spending & Very Boring Stuff

I didn't set out to do a Week of No Spending but that is how it's turning out.
Perhaps I should not speak of it at this point, so as to not jinx myself.
Oops, too late. 8-)

Our last trip to the grocery store was 12/30, so Day 5 in the new year and no grocery spending in January yet.
Go me!
Our last trip to Rite-Aid was on January 2nd and no cash was spent.
We used a gift card and had Subway sammies Friday evening for dinner.  The gift card was bought last month(and I got free grocery credit toward groceries for buying it), so that spending is on the books for 2012, not 2013.

The only other place I've been so far this year is the Bank to deposit dividend checks from 2012 and to cash a Christmas check for #2 Son.

It's been so bone chilling cold here the less I leave the house the better.

I've been moving stuff around in the house.  Especially all the excess toiletries, HBA and gift items I've hauled home in December for free from Rite-Aid.  It's gotten a little out of control with piles of stuff everywhere up in my bedroom that didn't get put into stockings or wrapped for under the Christmas tree.  The excess that wasn't given out has now been moved into the storage bins and containers with like items so it all can get found when needed as we use things up.  No point in having all this shampoo, deodorant and razors here if nobody can find the fresh supply when they run out of their current one.

Other items have been carted in from the garage into the house to restock from the excess that is stored out there.
I had hoped to spend part of this week freshening up the organization of the shelves in the garage and making sure everything was rotated.  Plus I wanted to do a fresh count on how much of which on the items out there......but it's just too blasted cold out there to stand it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Brrrrr!
Even so, I have discovered that I do NOT need to hit CVS this January to load up on almost free dishwasher detergent for the whole year, as I do every January.  CVS is known for having a killer sale after Qs and ECBS in January on Finish brand detergent.  I generally "buy" 20 boxes each January at the CVS sale to last me all year and it costs me pennies on the dollar.

With the assistance of #2 Son this week, I discovered that I have currently 43(FORTY THREE!)boxes of unopened dishwasher detergent in the garage stockpile.  And that is not counting the 10 automatic dispenser thingies of detergent I picked up at Rite-Aid over the last 2 years. 8-P

I figure I go through 20 boxes a year, which means I am still working on using up dishwasher detergent I bought back in 2010!  LOLOL
Yes, I'll just stay out of CVS this year to avoid anyone from nominating me for that Crazy Coupon Show....

I've also been closing out the balance sheets on 2012 financials.
And slowly putting away the wrapping paper and other Christmas accoutrements, though I haven't tackled denuding the tree and taking that down yet.
One of the more welcomed chores has been the removing of all the Holiday foods, one bite at a time.  lol

I may break my accidental Fiscal Fast Saturday as there are some items I want from the grocery store and the sale week ends that day.  Besides the Subway dining Friday evening, we've been creating meals and eating from what is on hand(see Holiday food status comment above).

In conclusion, it's been a very boring week around the Sluggy place.
Unless you've been inside my brain.  In there, it's been quite lively this week.  Working the money numbers get me all giddy and keep me up late into the night.  And then there are my thoughts about 2013......what to do, what to do!

What do I want to blog about?
What challenges do I want to follow in 2013?
What goals, if any, to concentrate on?
What does life have in store for me this coming year?

The possibilities are endless.
As one Gwendolen Fairfax once said, "The suspense is killing me.  I hope it will last!"



  1. Sluggy,
    Thanks for mentioning the Finish deal at CVS. I had forgotten. Finish is not the brand I like, but for free, I can difinitely like it. While I probably won't do as well as you, I rarely have a coupon for Palmolive.

    1. I haven't looked at the CVS ads for Jan. yet so I don't know if they are doing the Finish deal this year. It's generally when they do it tho.

  2. Your week actually sounds fabulous to me! I love those kind of stay home, get things done times. It's unusual at my house (and yours as well, I'm sure), which makes me love them even more.

    1. Having no teen school activities and having the daughter off visiting out of state and having the really cold weather makes for a Sluggy who goes nowhere unless it's a matter of live or Rite-Aid. lol
      I may just have to force myself to go somewhere soon just so I have something to write about. ;-)

  3. Can I come shop at your garage?? I don't even remember when was the last time I got a good deal on dishwasher detergent. But we don't have CVS here :(

    1. Sure Lena, but you'd better start walking here now as it will take you quite a long time. ;-)
      What chain stores do you have there in CA? I am out of touch with Walgreens but they use to run some good deals......I don't recall doing dishwasher detergent there tho.
      You need to find a deal blogger who blogs about the stores you shop at. They can alert you to when something is worth buying aka cheap.

  4. Last night my son spent 15 minutes looking for a new tooth brush before he began to curse and I asked him what was wrong. He told me he knew I was holding the toothbrushes hostage..and I was they were all in a cvs bag on the back of the bedroom door. So now they are neatly stacked int the closet but lets see 102 toothbrushes 5,6 or 7 people...I think we are good for the rest of the year.


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