Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Growing in Sluggy's Yard?

Well the first obvious answer to this question is weeds.  *rimshot*

Since we finally got lots of rain last week, the plants are perking up around here.
And that includes the plants I want to grow AND the ones I don't want, the weeds.

We had to do some more bean picking this past weekend.....

We'll be getting another mess o' beans at least from these plants before they are done.  This variety is called Gold Rush and they are an early variety.

After picking beans, I had Hubs thin my Collard Plants.  We never thinned them after they came up and they are really going wild, so it was way past time to reign them in.  Here is what he pulled up....

They could have stood even more thinning.
Here is what I harvested after cutting the leaves off....
They overfilled my ginormously large colander.
After a nice cold soaking bath with salt in the kitchen sink(coarse salt helps remove the dirt), here is what went into the pot with a small portion of salt pork(cut into lardons).  I also season with freshly cracked pepper and a small amount of sugar(especially if the greens are picked before the first frost as they tend to be bitter and this cuts the bitterness).

I didn't have to remove many of the spines, as the leaves were so young that the spines weren't tough and large.

We ate the Collards with some Barbecue Chicken last Sunday night.  I forgot to get a photo of the finished product.....*burp*. hehehe

While the yellow bean plants on one side of the bed have been fruitful, the vine beans on the other side have been not so much.
Ok, I take that statement back.
These plants have not yielded a single dang blasted bean....yet!
But the vines?
Oh, they are doing a mighty fine impersonation of Kudzu!
And if you are a Yankee or a West Coaster, this is what Kudzu looks like....

Let's just say it is a rather "prolific" weed that grows quickly and swallows up anything in it's path.
In the Summer down South, you don't leave your windows open at night for fear that the Kudzu will come into your home and strangle you in your

Here's what the backside of the garden bed from the deck view looks like.....

They have topped the deck railing and are growing back down again behind the deck box onto the deck.
Now do you see the resemblance to Kudzu?......

And on the end they have overtaken the bird feeder pole and are about to consume my wind chimes.

Totally amazingly lush plants but no blooms yet, let alone actual baby green beans.

So what is growing in your yard this Summer?



  1. With this heat, not even the grass is growing. Never knew those things were called kudzu.

    1. Tanner, lack of water and excessive heat doesn't seem to stop kudzu

  2. Of course, living in Alabama, we do have an abundance of kidzu. I took a friend home and she showed me the way, telling me the landmarks. Later, I went to her home in the country every few weeks. When I tried to get there in the spring and could not find my way. I had to call her. A whole abandoned house and the chimney of another house that burned 50 years ago had been covered in kudzu. All the scenery beside the roads had changed. I had to learn the county road numbers to get back to her house during the spring and summer. She guided me via cell several times.

    Kudzu won't even wait for you to abandon your house before covering it!

  3. I was literally complaining to Den that the vines have taken over the front yard and that I need everyone to help me pull some weeds. He isn't happy and the kids are going to be mad in about 10 minutes. With trying to get the school supplies together and get Anna packed-I have no time for weeds!
    I've had enough! Wanna go to Vegas?

    1. When you decide when to leave for Vegas, just give me a wave as I'll be chillin in the pool.

  4. Wow, look at that :) We have too much heat too! My garden is really suffering from it. I picked up a bunch of zucchinis, some peppers and tomatoes, and a couple of beans. My bean plants are struggling this year :(

    1. I always plant both bush type and vine type bean plants and without fail each year one type will do well and the other won't. But we never know which type will thrive and produce, so we just keep planting both each year to hedge our
      I don't think anything will keep zucchini from's sort of the kudzu of the veggie

  5. Sluggy... any idea what's up with Judy? Lost her when she shut down her latest blog... hope she's okay...

    1. Anon--I don't have a clue. I've written her twice and no response so far.
      I'll update on the blog if/when I hear from her.

  6. Enjoy those collard greens. Love them.

    I amjust growing tomatoes, basil, chives, rosemary and chives this year. That is enough for me to handle.


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