Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wallowing in Self-Loathing

I have hit an emotional/psychological loggerhead in regards to the decluttering again.
I have gotten down to the last layer of stuff I need to get rid of both here in the house/garage and the storage unit.
The "stuff" are things I bought to resell but due to either just having too much and not enough time to sell it, or the "market" for this stuff just isn't there anymore(due to higher shipping costs and the weaker economy making collector's cut back on spending), it still sits here.
I've tried selling locally and even with ridiculously low prices and THAT doesn't work.
So I know intellectually I need to just finish carting all of it off to charity and take what little bit of a tax write-off I can get.

So I send a little bit off and then I stop......because I just can't emotionally continue to send off the rest.
So the rest sits for weeks on end while I wrestle with myself emotionally.

Eventually I get mad enough(at myself for buying too much, at myself for not being able to let it go, at "it" for still being here in my life causing me pain), and that motivates me to send a little bit more off to charity.
And then I show what I send off on the blog and someone who hasn't been here long, inevitably comments about "why are you giving away such nice and new stuff?.....why don't you sell it?". lol
And I plummet back into an emotional/psychological dark place again and the cycle starts again.

So in the end, I DO end up getting rid of this stuff but I am in a cycle now whereas it is going to take me FOREVER to get it all done.

Here's an example of what I am talking about......
I pulled a box of Boyds bears out.
This is a box of stuffed critters I've had since 2000.
I first pulled this box out 2 years ago to sort through and check the prices things were going for online(eBay).
All but 2 of the critters aren't worth my time or energy to sell, for what they would bring in(going by sold prices on completed listings).
Not worth it for the last 3 times in 2 years I've pulled it out.

So guess who pulled the box out again 2 days ago? lol
I check online again.
Still not worth the time to sell.

But then I get another idea......why don't I sell them on Etsy?.....or even Amazon?
I go check and people have these things listed on both marketplaces.
Then I think.....but what are the chances they would actually SELL?
And how long would I have to keep them listed in order to get a sale?.....meaning I could still be storing these things a year or two from now, waiting on a sale.
And I don't want to still be toting these critters around in 2 years from now.

And then I got depressed......and now I am getting mad at myself......for being silly........and an idiot.

I feel like a full fledged hoarder sometimes.  I might have nicer stuff and not throw it on the floor with garbage and waste but the fact is, I am emotionally attached to this stuff like a hoarder.

I think I need some of y'all to come here and hold my hand while I make the decisions to to get rid of it all.

Do you have stuff you know you need to get rid of that you can't bring yourself to throw out or give away?
Or are those loony tunes of those hoarder shows and I alone in this?



  1. my 2 cents - worth what you paid for it :) - what if you took out that box, listed everything on Ebay, amazon, etsy, craigslist, etc. (ALL of those sources at the same time) and gave yourself a timeframe to sell them - say 2 weeks. Schedule to have a charity come pick up the stuff at 2 weeks. If the stuff sells, great! If not, you can rationalized that you gave them a chance and it's time for them to find a new home. And since someone is coming to pick them up, you won't have to struggle with the packing the car and taking them yourself. Might be a thought with helping to let stuff go.

  2. I weigh up if it's worth the time, money AND stress of getting things sold. I've sent carloads of stuff to the op shops that Icould have sold but the cost in time and energy is not worth it - I just want to be free of the clutter.
    Do what feels right for you - it sounds to me like you're ready to let this stuff go for good.

  3. Aaah Sluggy, Don't be so hard on yourself! I do the same thing- I think it comes from being so thrifty! The "stuff" represents money. Just gotta let it go sometimes and don't beat yourself up! Would you beat me up for taking stuff to Goodwill? Wish you were in GA- I would take it for you! I took a trunk load last week- and I kept hearing myself think "You could make money on this." Peace, Angela

  4. Donate. Or hold onto them until about November and contact your Social Services department. They normally take donations for gifts going to less-fortunate children, and I am sure they would gladly take these dolls and give them great homes. That, or a children's hospital. I know it is somewhat 'giving them away', but it is for a really, really good cause vs just to get them out of your house.

  5. Honey, I am in the same place -- and we got rid of tons of stuff to move. Now I need to do the same with my vast collection of Park Lane? What was I thinking -- that maybe this would finance my retirement?

    But the truth is, these are draining our energy. When we give them away, we will feel regret - and we will have to own up to having made a mistake by buying them. But then the space you have helps bring the energy back. Trust me. And keep purging, it's helping me do the same!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh I forgot to say Sluggy that I am trying to be very, very careful about what new comes in the house. I ask myself honestly- am I going to sew, read, eat, whatever this thing this week? If not I TRY to just not bring it in. Only way I know to make progress and not get back into what I have done before! Hugs, Angela

  7. Sluggy I will come and hold your hand just like you always hold mine when I need it. I felt the same way cleaning out the garage..all of those items I was going to do something with and never did..sigh. I did give a bunch to school last week though and they are going to use them as prize and things.

    We will get there...eventually we will see the floor in every room and closet we own


  8. Sluggy, Sluggy.

    How long did it take you to write this post? Five or twenty minutes? That is another five minutes or so of time you are not getting back. Get rid of the buggers or post on etsy. You pay 20 cents a listing for 4 months. If they do not sell, get rid of the buggers.

    Go here and see a pic of horror. I owe the survival of our marriage to FlyLady and 40 bags in 40 days.

    It drove me nuts, but my husband was OK with all that stuff. That 10x15 storage unit I mention. My hubs paid $200 a month for two years, before we married and after, I refused to pay. I hate our bedroom right now, but I have so much quilting stash. And that after selling much of my stash on etsy. I made $1600 after fees, shipping, taxes and expenses. That may sound wonderful, but it makes me sick to think about it. I had THAT much fabric. I stumbled across a blog that is collecting fabric etc. for a quilter who lost everything in a house fire. Fabric I just purchased last month along with books, patterns are in a large priority box. Off to the PO tomorrow. It feels great to get rid of more.

    There is no time like the present. Get rid of the little buggers.

    blessings, jill

  9. You can come loathe us for a while. We have so much stuff! I thought everyone did. My husband got rid of 1. his vinyl record collection and 2. his comic book collection all at firesale prices. He just crated up each and gave the records away free and had some other dork give him $10 per PACKED box of comics. He knew that there would be money to be made out of each of those collections but the time, aggravation, and work involved would be horrendous. He was glad to get the space instead of big crates of stuff (I had to prod him to do this but he did it voluntarily.) There's no moral of this story except that others have the same problem and sometimes it's easier to give it away cheap or free.

  10. These items are causing stress. Donate and don't look back. You will feel free and won't have to revisit this situation again. Priceless.

  11. If you can start listing on Etsy, you don't have to post it yet. Then, in the middle of Sept. post. That gives buyers until Christmas and a couple of weeks after to purchase.

    I have been getting rid of things that once I never would part with. Still, there are things that stay until I sell them. I am in conflict some of the time. At other times, I am firm in my determination to keep stuff to sell. Luckily, I have grandchildren to whom I can give all the Cabbage Patch clothes I made before I abruptly quit to return to school.

    In my opinion, this is not the time of the year to get optimal prices for the things you have to sell.

    LOL..quit looking in the boxes. Out of sight, out of mind. Okay, you have to look to photograph.

    Can you sell to resellers in your area? I have a friend who has a collectibles shop. Maybe he would pay you for all your stuff. However, mailing it would be a cost.

    If you ever watch the Antiques Road Show, you know how much the grandchildren get for collectibles in the attic. No, you are not willing to store them until after your death?

    We have local places to advertise that are free. Do you?

    Okay, I am no help!

  12. I wrote a really long response and it disappeared. Ugh!

    I say if you have determined that it is not worth it to sell the stuff, several times, you should just donate it and not let it worry you anymore.


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