Monday, August 20, 2012

Food Spending August Week 3 & Meal Planning Week 4

And here is the "meal plan" that actually happened last week.....

Sunday--Salmon with maple glaze, Stir-fried mixed veg, mashed potatoes
Monday--BLT sandwiches with tomato from our garden...slurp!
Tuesday--tuna helper, Caesar salad
Wednesday--Leftover Rigatoni, Broccoli
Thursday--Meatloaf(leftover), Mashed Taters, Snow Peas
Friday--Taco Bell

The weekly food spending was $9.91.  I was tempted to do the Kimberely/Clark Cat Deal at Weis(which would have stocked me up on a few things but would have meant spending alot more OOP) but in the end I resisted.  I used $12 in Cats to pay last week for the few needs we had which is why I spent so little.
I didn't stay within the $8 limit I set but it was close. None of what I spent was for items needed to make was all milk purchases and items for the Daughter's work lunches.

I have $82.02 left of my $400 food budget for August and 11 days left in the month.  I think we can make it to the end of the month before the end of the money. ;-)

Going into the new week I have the following leftovers to use up.......a portion of snow peas(I'll polish those off for lunch one day).


This week's menu.....
Sunday--Son's belated Birthday dinner out-Steak
Monday--Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches, Cole Slaw, Birthday Cake
Tuesday--something Chicken, Rice, Green Beans(from garden)
Wednesday--Taco or Taco Salad
Friday--burgers, baked beans, cuke salad
Saturday--Leftovers again
What I need to buy this week to serve this menu?.....rolls, cukes, maybe more lettuce.

So what are you cooking at your house this week?



  1. That's quite a menu! And with only 11 days left, I think you definitely can meat your monthly budget. This week I'll be experimenting with real fish for the first time (not the breaded pre-cooked ones!), that plus lots of chicken dishes and fancy salads. A lot of my budget went straight into produce!

  2. Ugh you just need to take a road trip to my house and fix my food budget. But it should go down now with Anna back in school.


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