Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Even Though You Are Frugal, You Can Still Be Nice

One of the gals I am friendly with up at my local Rite-Aid store is expecting a baby.
She is due in the next couple of weeks actually.
This is her first baby and she is super excited. 8-)

She is a sweet person, so I really wanted to do something nice for her.
Even though I am not what you'd call one of her friends in her personal life, I wanted to give her something for the new baby.  But I wanted to be frugal about it, because, well......that's what I am, frugal!lol    I went about getting a gift together without spending money.  It took planning and time to pull off.  But I had time on my side, since I've known about her impending bundle since about March.

So as soon as I found out that she had a bun in the oven, I set about entering Giveaways online for baby items.  There are always tons of giveaways out there for all kinds of baby stuff on the internet.  You name it, you can find someone giving it away in order to promote a company and/or a blog.

I know she is like me, in that she doesn't believe in having a lot of "stuff".  She's not into newfangled products that aren't "needs"......she doesn't have the room in their tiny apartment for all kinds of gadgets and doo-dads that aren't necessities for raising a baby.  She is also very big on being "natural", using natural products.

So I entered giveaways for baby stuff that was useful.
And I scored some 7th Generation diapers for free and a hardcover copy of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss back in March.  Even if she does cloth diapering, she will have occasions where disposables will be needed.

And 2 weeks ago, I bought a bunch of Johnson's Baby body wash and lotion from their "Naturals" line in a couple of my Rite-Aid trips.  These products didn't hardly cost me anything.
Combined it all made for a nice little gift for her new baby.

Now I didn't have a baby themed gift bag to put it all into but I did have a Summer themed bag(watermelons! appropriate when you look like you are about to give birth to a watermelon!lol).   The bag was done in soft blue and rose colors.  There was a gift tag on the bag so no baby greeting card was needed either.

This baby gift cost me only cents on my gift card and I used something I had already.  Can't get much more frugal than that! ;-)

And the mom-to-be loved it.  She didn't expect this and she was thrilled to get it....especially the book since she said it is her favorite Dr. Seuss book and she told her hubby she wanted to get the baby a copy of it when she got older.
And she loved the irony that I got all the Johnson's baby stuff from where she works.....she may have checked me out on one of those trips

And it warmed my heart to make her happy.
And I got to be a nice person but still maintain my miserly frugal ways.

But if anyone ever says I'm a nice person, don't you believe them..... ;-)



  1. That was a very thoughtful gift. When nice cashiers are pregnant, I have my own gift that is appreciated and cheap. I make a necklace of baby beads with the baby's name. Since I have from now to January, I can add to that with freebie gifts!

    I sort of suspect you are a nice person.

  2. That's too sweet of you. I am sure she loved it, and that was surely unexpected for her. What a wonderful and frugal gift! I think even the bag is perfect. After all, what can go better than Watermelons in the summer time?

  3. I love to keep unexpected little gifts. You did great! And free makes it so much better :)

  4. Aw Sluggy, that's so nice.
    It makes me want to give birth too!

  5. You are a nice person and a good soul!
    And I would love to see Mark give birth. I would pay money and you know how cheap I am!

  6. Sluggy, your secret is out. And I would pay to see Mark give birth, too.


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