Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Milestone.....and a Giveaway Reminder

I just wanted to pause for a moment of silence to commemorate an accomplishment I made over the weekend.  At some point in the last few days, some kind eBay buyer left me a feedback and I officially rolled over and hit the 4 Thousand feedback mark!
Little old me.....4,000 non-deranged user feedbacks.
Come on over everyone.....the party hats are optional and the cake is on me!! 

Here's another "eBay is the world's largest crap shoot" story for your files.....
I put this reproduction Lost in Space Lunchbox up on eBay recently.....
 I listed it as I do all my items as a Buy It Now store item with a solid price...not insanely high and not a "give it away" price.  It's in mint condition, still wrapped in plastic as it came from the factory.
About a week ago I get a "Question to Seller"....someone wants to buy this but they want a better price and they go on and suggest what price they want to pay.  Usually I don't take too kindly to folks offering me less than what I set the price at.  If I was open to taking less for it I would have put a BEST OFFER option on the listing...which I hadn't.
But then as I was feeling unkindly toward this potential cheap buyer, I thought....What the heck!  This item was absolutely FREE to me, didn't cost a penny, and I've been carting it around for 10 years now and am finally getting around to trying to sell it and they offered me pretty close to what I had it listed for.  So I added a Best Offer option at the price they wanted it for and emailed them about having put this option on the listing and told them to go buy it.
And I waited.....and waited for 2 more days and they didn't buy it...nor did they email me back to say they found another one from someone else.
Rude jerks. ;-)
The next morning, I discovered the item had sold but it was to someone else.
And even better this buyer had just bought it at the listed price and had NOT used the Best Offer to get it for less!
And as I packed up the Lunchbox to ship out an email came in with another Question to Seller......asking me if I had sold the lunchbox and if I had anymore to sell.

Can't sell it for less than I wanted and now I have people standing in line to buy it.LOL
Further proof that eBay is the world's largest crap shoot.

A reminder also that you can stop by the current Giveaway page(see the link at the TOP of the right side bar)EACH DAY to place another entry.  There is only 1 person who has been diligently returning for their daily entry who will remain anonymous, by the name of Marilyn.  So unless ya'll want Marilyn to kick your butts on this Giveaway, get on over and enter! ;-)
Update***New goodies going into the box later today!

That is all.



  1. I'm having a bit of problems so if I spam you, please forgive me.;0) sort of a joke, sort of not.
    You once again made me laugh! And I'll head over and try and sign up, if I can!

  2. Ebay is the same for Hubby. He gets questions from people all the time asking him to sell something for cheaper.

    Once he had a hockey jersey listed and some guy sent him an offer to buy it "right now" for $100. Hubby only had it listed for $9.99 or some such low price. I told him to tell the guy now, that he would let the auction run. If that guy would pay $100, maybe someone else would pay more.

    Hubby got a TON of "questions' on that one and found out from several sources that he had a "game jersey" from some popular team. (This was several years ago and I forget all the details.)

    That jersey sold for over $800!! Hubby was so glad he had not taken the first offer!

  3. SonyaAnn--Spam......yummmmmm!

  4. Hee, Hee, I love may enter everyday give-aways! DH says we need more junk anyways!

  5. Frances--When I used to use auction settings I got the same thing and quickly learned that if someone offers you a gob of $ for an auction item, it will probably sell for 3 gobs of $!lol
    I think I sold 1 roll of wallpaper border on auction once for $150. 1 roll=15 feet.... of Noah's Ark precious moments wall border I bought for 25¢. Turns out it was a highly popular discontinued pattern and people will pay ungodly sums to get it. I guess they were hoping to find more somewhere else or they already had it on their walls and needed to patch a section of it. I don't know and I don't care.lolol

    Sweet Knees and I should compare notes some time, huh? I'm sure he's seen it all too and has the stories to tell.

  6. Yep, my best-ever ebay story ran about the same way - I listed something I got for 25-cents at a yard sale. Within a day, I received an email from someone offering me $X for it. I said I'd let the auction ride and she was free to bid as much as she wanted. The bids started rolling in, so a couple more days later, she offered me 3 times what the current bid was (like $27 at that point). I said, thanks but I'll let it ride.

    The auction ended with the winning bid of $1,025. I was over the moon :) And then she emailed me again and said if the winner backed out, she'd pay me $750. I told her to take a flying leap - by that point, I'd decided that just on principle, I'd never sell it to her, period, she was just so annoying about going around the ebay rules.

    Anyway, I'm still looking for another one of those items at every yard and flea sale I go to - LOL!

  7. Pretty--Now I am curious....what was your 25 cent thing?

  8. Good job! My best story was a children's book that I found in a HUGE box of books for $1 at an auction. I listed it for cheap and people started doing a bid war on it. It sold for just over $100... Man! If it was that good a book, I should've kept it and probably read it!

  9. Slugmama, if you tend to go on ranting tyrades about idiotic non-paying bidders, the you and Sweet Knees would get along famously. LOL!

    I want to know what the $.25 thing Pretty had was too!!

  10. People never fail to amaze me!

  11. Reminds me of when I used to have a flea market booth. Items would sit there for months, or even years, on end, then several of them would sell all in the same billing cycle.

    On eBay, I've only had one person ask me if I'd take less for an item than what I had listed, and on that particular item, I was glad to do so. I don't have an eBay store, though, so I list everything as an auction with a slightly higher Buy It Now price. I sell a lot that way, because it appeals to both auction lovers and auction haters (like me). LOL!


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