Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Rite-Aid Snafu

**Still waiting on Gerry T. to contact me about the Giveaway!**

I went to Rite-Aid on Monday to pick up an Rx and order more Rxs.

While I was there I thought I'd try to do a Spend $60/Get $15 BC Deal but man, did it go wrong!

Here is what I bought.......

2 x Defy Downy
1 x large Tide Pods container
2 x Tide Sensitive Liquid
2 x Tide Pods
1 x Covergirl concealer
1 x Covergirl concealer
1 x Covergirl eyebrow pencil
1 x Baby Ruth candy bar

All of the Tide/Downy items were on clearance for 50% off.
I had all but the candy bar and the flaky cashier started ringing it all up.  The coupons I had printed from PandG website weren't behaving so she had the manager take over mid-transaction.
Before she left I had asked her if she rang up both the Tide pod bags as she was ringing those in when she called the manager over and she said yes she had gotten them both.

The manager got the coupons to work and when I looked at my receipt when it was all done I saw that I hadn't gotten the $15BC wyspend $60, only the $10 BC for the Covergirl items because I HAD over $60 in items before tax and coupons.

So I took the receipt over to the register, got out my calculator and double checked my pre-Q total on the receipt.  It added up to $59.91.  Now I KNOW it was over $60 before tax when I got up to the register.  I didn't double check that both Tide pod bags were on the receipt as I was in a dither by this point.  I grabbed that candy bar and told the manager we'd have to return and re-ring it all so the $15 BC would attach.  He didn't look thrilled to do all that so he had me buy the candy bar and then he "post couponed" me $15 in cash instead.

And looking back now the flaky cashier had NOT rang both the Tide pod bags up and that's why I was short and why some of the Tide coupons weren't attaching. ugh.  I guess I'll have to return one of the Tide pod bags since I didn't pay for it.

I paid $28.36 including tax in Bonus Cash for my transactions and I earned $10 in new BC, $15 for the BC that didn't attach from the Spend $60/Get $15 BC Q and $6.10 in other BC for completing the Tide Bonus Cash Challenge this account had for May(for a total of $31.10 earned)so it was still a $2.74 moneymaker.

Not exactly how it should have worked but in the end it came out a ok. 8-)  Gotta love a store and manager that know you and will just give you cash instead of jumping back through all those hoops to make the transaction right.



  1. When I have followed all the rules and done everything possible and beyond (like your asking about the pods), I will not return something to rectify their mistake. Of course, you do go in there often. This usually applies if I have to travel back to the store and then sit for a long time in the parking lot, waiting for an electric cart to make the return.

  2. I would be beyond frustrated at that point.

  3. I never go back to correct an error in my favor at Kroger. It makes up for all of the times that they over charge. Customer service line could take an hour so I go with hoping it evens out.

    Jen G.

  4. Aggravating, but I applaud you for returning what you didn't pay for, even though it's not your fault. So many people openly justify their"little shady actions or omissions" and then wonder why there is such a widespread breakdown of trust in society.

  5. Your purchasing acrobatics always impress me.



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