Friday, June 24, 2022

Frugal Friday....the June 24th Edition

 So here are a very few frugal things that happened here at Chez Sluggy this past week.......

*  I finally got my election paycheck.  There was a snafu with the paperwork I filled out(they said I hadn't but I had at the polls so it somehow got lost between there and the offices at the courthouse-makes me wonder how secure the election results from our polling place were if they lost my paperwork which was in the secure bags with the polling data. hmmm).  Had to redo the paperwork and my check arrived this week.
I'll try not to spend this massive amount all in one place. lolz

*  My J and J rebate cards arrived this past week...

One was for $10, the other for $5....except they were both suppose to be for $10.  Whatever, I am too over it to complain and get it corrected. 8-P

*  I've been using pantry and freezer items to make meals this week.  We did go out for lunch on Tuesday though to the Chinese Buffet(Hubs' request).  Eating leftovers or fending for ourselves mostly.

*  One of the projects on the house was pruning an overgrown ornamental tree on the side of the house.  It was rubbing on the siding and on the roof so Hubs and I pruned it ourselves 2 days ago.  Then a storm came through and took down another large branch so the tree is well off the house now without having to pay someone to cut it back. 8-)

*  I have done no food shopping this week.  That may change today as we need a couple of things.  ;-)

*   I found money this past week!  

When I was out last Saturday I found a penny in Rite-Aid by the drink cooler.  Whoopee..... ;-)

Total Found in last Week.... .01¢
Total Found This Year.....$13.05

That's about all I've got for this past week.  It was a lowkey week not going places and staying home by and large.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend!  



  1. Staying home does make it low key, doesn’t it? I hope you both have a great weekend.

  2. The name thing stopped working so you may have some blank comments.

    I picked four more zucchini last night and probably have a few more ready today. Work gave me the standard raise even though I’ve told them I’m quitting. That was a shock since they’re so cheap! Gotta save those pennies even though you lose all the good staff.

    Jen G.

  3. I did find eggs for 2.79/doz large eggs.

  4. Well our two day trip cost $440, not counting her $160 cashier's check for the Visa, so clearly no thrifty here. Though my savy daughter and friend played the price game on airline tickets by booking at a different time and day and saved $300. That was a huge win.


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