Sunday, June 12, 2022

Last Rite-Aid Transaction of Last Week

I had a $5/2 Dollar Shave Club L2CQ left on 1 account plus a $7 off $35 spend CatalinaQ so I went to Rite-Aid on Friday and bought this.......

1 x DSC shave gel=$6.29
1 x DSC razor pack=$10.49
2 x Pamprin packs(25% off)=$14.52
2 x Irish Spring 3 packs(BOGO75%)=$3.73
2 x Big Win water cases on sale=$7.00 *not pictured*

I used......
1 x $7/$35 CatalinaQ
1 x $5/2 DSC L2CQ
2 x .55/1 Pamprin PeelieQ*The cashier forgot to scan one of these Qs*
2 x $1/1 Irish Spring RA emailed Q
Coupon Total....$15.10*but only $14.55 was applied

Total..$27.48 + .66¢ tax=$28.14 used Bonus Cash to pay.

I earned back $22 in new BC($12 DSC double dip, 2 x $5 Pamprin)so spent down $6.14 on the BC.
I am ok with that as $7 of this total was for the water which we needed.  I have plans for all the rest of the items.

 I got another $7/$35 CatalinaQ and .55¢ PostQ cash for the Q the cashier didn't scan making my OOP/BC spend just $5.59.  I also earned $1.04 in Fetch Points on this transaction for the DSC items.



  1. Yesterday, Tommy asked me, "What is sluggy up to lately?" As you can guess, I am always commenting to him, quoting figures, and exclaiming over something you post.

    1. Mostly I am decluttering and cleaning lately with a trip to R-A thrown into the mix occasionally. 8-)

  2. I didn't know Pamprin still existed.

      Lots of retailers still sell it.

  3. I forget if you plan things and buy accordingly or do you buy things and make a plan?

  4. Did you know all these period pain products cause a person to bleed more? Just what we need!


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