Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rite Aid on Sunday

 I went out on Sunday and hit Ollie's(to use another 15%Q), Kohl's(too spend my free $5 script)and to a different Rite-Aid.  I had Bonus Cash expiring and a $7/$35 Catalina Q so here is what I bought on my card and of course there was an issue......

1 x Kotex on clearance=$1.69
2 x Colgate toothpaste on sale=$7.00
2 x Neutrogena facial mask BOGO50%=$4.93
2 x Wink condoms on clearance=$12.98 *
2 x Bic razors=$8.98
2 x Soft Disc menstrual discs on clearance=$4.98**
1 x CoverGirl concealer=$6.99***
1 x CoverGirl eye palette=$3.24
1 x CoverGirl eyebrow pencils=$4.69

This didn't fit in the above photo........

2 x YooHoo 3 pack on clearance=$.68
1 x Wild Harvest cat food on clearance=$1.92
1x V8 Sparkling drink on clearance=$1.62

I used in Coupons....
1 x $7/$35 CatalinaQ=$7.00
1 x $1/1 Kotex L2CQ=$1.00
1 x $3/2 Colgate toothpaste L2CQ=$3.00
2 x $3/1 Colgate toothpaste In-AdQ=$6.00
2 x $3/1 Neutrogena IPQ=$6.00
2 x $5/1 Wink PeelieQ=$10.00
2 x $4/1 Bic In-AdQ=$8.00
1 x $4/1 CoverGirl face L2CQ=$4.00
2 x $4/1 CoverGirl eye Qs(1 L2C/1 IP)=$8.00

$59.70-$53.00=$6.70 + .11¢ tax=$6.81 paid for with Bonus Cash

I earned back $6.00 in new BC for the menstrual discs(2 x $3)
I also earned $1 in rebates at Ibotta on the Kotex item so even with all the issues this was a .19¢ moneymaker. 8-)

Now let's talk about everything that went wrong with this transaction--

*  The condoms were suppose to be 75% off but rang up 50% off(same with the menstrual discs but I let that one go-you will see why soon).  I didn't catch the price problems until after she finalized the transaction.  So I pointed out the price issue on the condoms and after checking that these were suppose to be 75% off the cashier attempted to return and rering them so the difference I was owed would go back onto my Bonus Cash.  hahaha  Rite-Aid has changed it's system in such a way that this can't be done.  When she attempted to return the condoms they came up as a $1.28 return each.  WTF?!  Ok, even if you deduct the $5 Q that was used they should have come up as a $1.49 return each.  I am thinking that if you get back BC on a transaction(even if the item being returned didn't give any BC they are deducting the BC over the WHOLE transaction so every item has a bit of BC attached to it?

That's the only logical reason this happens.  So back to the return.  After about 15 mintues the cashier "solved" the return.  She had me use my driver's license, then she rang the return, but just one of the boxes(sine that would be the same amount due to me)and it rang up for $6.99???  I paid $6.49 each.
So she looked at me and said, "Can you live with that?"  Of course I said fine-I had been in thh store way to long at this point and giving me an extra .50¢ didn't hurt much. LOL  I didd eventually scan my reward card in and assumed I'd get $6.99 back on my BC but the register drawer popped open and it prompted the cashier to give me $6.99 in Cash.  I didn't object. ;-)  Instead of counting out .99¢ in cash, she popped a penny from their "if you need a penny" pot in the drawer and gave me $7.......

Why has R-A changed their system so you can't get a price correction without jumping through hoops like this?!?  Not only is it annoying for the customer but also the employee.  And it's all the fault of the computer's system not being updated in a timely manner!

** Now you can understand why I didn't turn around and inquire about a refund of the difference between what I was charged for the menstrual discs and what they were suppose to ring up.  Nobody wanted to go through all that again so I just left it. 8-)  But I should have been refunded another $2.48 on those.  They gave back $3 in BC each so they were free anyway so I just kept walking. lol

I didn't realize that the bag of 75% pet food was cat not dog food.  I won't return it, I'll just give it to the food bank.

***  Ok, my CoverGirl items should have gotten me to the $5 in BC reward but the total fell short by .08¢ of the $15 total needed. sigh.  So I'll buy another cheap item, use a $4/1 IPQ and get my $5 BC once I return to R-A.

Then I did a transaction on Hub's card.......

4 x GM/Posts cereals on sale=$12.00
1 x Nestle flavored water 75% off=.87¢
1 x V8 Energy drinks 75% off=$1.62
1 x SoftDisc menstrual discs clearance=$2.49

A $1/2 GM cereals L2CQ came off, as well as the $1/1 Peelie on the one box of cereal so $2 in coupons making this transaction $14.98+.05 tax=$15.03 paid for with BC.  I earned back $6 on this transaction(1 x $3 wyspend $10 cereal, 1 x $3 SoftDiscs).  Total after Qs/tax should have been $13.78 if the Soft Discs had rung up 75% off instead of 50% off. sigh.  I'm turning into an old softee I suppose by just letting things go.

This was the point at which we had the condom issue so after getting it fixed and the cashier knew to ring them up for 75% not 50% off I went back and got more(since they were moneymakers after using those $5 peelie Qs)and a couple other things to absorb the overage on my third card.......

5 x dog treats=$5.00
1 x Centrum calming vitamins 50% off=$9.99
4 x Wink condoms 75% off=$12.96
I used a $2/1 PeelieQ on the vitamins, a $2/1 Centrum CatalinaQ and 4 x $5/1 Wink Peelies so $24 in Qs.  My total was $3.95 + .28¢ tax so $4.23 paid for from BC.  No new BC was earned back.

Total spent was $28.02 in BC.  I earned back $12 in new BC $7 in Cash and $1 on Ibotta making this an $8.02 spend down.  Should have been a $4.30 spend down but  I am leaving it alone. ;-)
I'll be putting alll those condoms and mentrual discs on eBay.  I didn't spend anything on them so as long as I can cover the eBay fees whatever I get for them is gravy.



  1. You work hard for your money!
    I watched two videos on the flex discs. The woman stated they were 8 for $20. That is enough for 4 days since they can only be left in for 12 hours. So, that would have been $50 each month for me. Wow. Glad you got those cheaper. They sounded crackly! I can imagine walking along and making a crackling sound. Does anyone know if these can be heard when in use?

    I suppose Tommy was really entertained (NOT) while eating breakfast. I could not find my headset.

  2. And you are using those condoms for? I thought you wanted grandkids.

    1. Selling them on eBay or giving to the food bank. This baby factory went out of business YEARS ago! lol

    2. Oh, my baby factory has been shut down for over 30 years and dismantled 5 years ago. But, when in business, it would have been costly with the discs. It seems like Diva Cups would be a better choice.

  3. I have to be careful with the CoverGirl. Shelf price is not what rings up so I was short too.

    1. If I had bought 4 items, 2 would have been 50% off, only buying 3 I didn't count on the one that got discounted. duh.


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