Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Garden Update....Meh

 If anyone is interested here is how my garden is doing.

These photos were taken on June 12th....

Green Beans plants on the left, baby  Bok Choy on the right.

The barrel of lettuce going gangbusters.

12 Tomato plants about halfway up their cages.

And 4 Collard plants hanging on.

And the same plants on June 21st.....

The Green Bean plants now have buds and blossoms.  The Bok Choy bigger and needs thinning out.
The seeds planted on the other side of this bed never germinated but there are a few volunteer Morning Glories up over there.

The tomato plants are now about at the top of their cages and there are many blossoms hidden among all the greenery.

The Collards are much bigger and starting to flourish.  One Green Bean seed sprouted in this bed but none of the Yellow Squash germinated.  There are also 3 volunteer tomato plants coming up now in there.

I didn't photograph the lettuce barrel this time.  It's doing well and I harvested my first crop of lettuces this past weekend for dinner one night.

In the front bed a nefarious chipmunk is digging plants up.  So far he/she has taken out a Celosia plant, a Pansy plant and 1 of the Sunflower plants we grew from seed.  The only things it's leaving alone are the Coleus plants.  I read that chipmunks will eat Coleus.  Weird.  I guess this one doesn't have a taste for them. ;-)

I scaled back our gardening efforts this year due to no enthusiasm for it lately and focusing on getting the house ready to sell instead.  If the house sells before the harvests come in we've done all this work for nothing so that's sort of squelched my desire for gardening.

Are you growing anything?  How is your garden doing?



  1. Our damned groundhog and chipmunks are eating everything. It takes much more to fuel the groundhog though.

    1. Anne,
      This is why I only planted herbs and Romaine! and flowers.

  2. OUrs is doing well but behind because of no heat and alot of rain. The rain is good but the plants need the heat. Just harvesting lettuce and we should have beans by now.

  3. Garden? I wish, though I should at least try lettuce and tomato in a pot. Next year.

  4. Just picked four little zucchini and three are in the oven on pizza. More will be ready in the next few days. I’m growing pole beans for the first time and see little beans sprouting all over.

    Jen G.


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