Friday, October 8, 2021

Frugal Friday....the October 8th Edition

Well I didn't go much of anywhere this past week, just Rite-Aid, the dentist and the bank.  I lead such an exciting life, don't I? ;-)

Here are the few frugal wins at Chez Sluggy......

* I had BC expiring plus I had gotten a few(4 exactly)$X off $XX coupons for Rite-Aid so I paired them with deals and coupons to pick all this up on the 2 cards I have with BC still attached to them.....

I believe there were a few more candy bars(4)left out of this photo but otherwise it's all correct.
The Cetaphil were 75% off and I had Qs that made it $1 or less each, Neutrogena Qs that made those items moneymakeres and I had tracking toward a second Nivea deal from last week so I finished that(plus the Nivea men's stuff have Ibotta rebates).  I returned 2 Tresemmes since the in-ad Q didn't scan for those 2 and a Colgate mouthwash since my L2CQ didn't come off so those 3 items are in the photo and not counted.
Total came to(including sales tax)$113.00.  BC and Qs used was $99.50(not all at once since I did multiple transactions and rolled it)so R-A gift card cred spent was $13.50.
I earned back $42 in new BC and $15.85 in Ibotta rebates so a $44.35 moneymaker. 8-)

*  I had a dentist appointment Thursday for a cleaning.  Need to go back in November for 2 small chips that need filling.  While I didn't ask for any samples this time(I'll do that in November if I remember to), I did raid the office's coupon stash......

Lots of Listerine brand Qs came home with me.  These don't expire until June or July of 2022.  R-A generally has some Listerine freebies and deals after BC during their Black Friday sales so maybe I can pair them up with some of those.

*  I found money!

Last Saturday was a stellar change finding day at my Rite-Aid.  A quarter, a dime and a penny at various places in the store(quarter under candy racks, dime under freestanding rack of more candy and penny wedged under the baseboard of the pharmacy counter.

A shiny penny sitting on the side of the "healthy candy" rack(protein bars)and a grody penny outside behind the trash can.  Sorry for the blurry photo....

On Wednesday I spied another dime back in the pharmacy area and it came home with me.

Money Found This Week.... .48¢
Money Found This Year.....$18.39

*  No grocery shopping happened this week.  I know it's shocking but it's true! lol  I haven't gotten an Ibotta Bonus since September Leaves one ended last Sunday.  No Midweek or Weekend ones either.  What the heck is going on?  Did Ibotta and the Universal hear me when I said I was going to try to stay out of the grocery stores in October??lol

That's about it for me for the week.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Let's hear all about it!



  1. You did stay out of the stores this week, Sluggy. I only went out to go to the dr this week, which is fine with me. Even though you stayed out of the stores you still found money. Amazing! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Kroger had Creamette pasta for $.49 a pound so I bought a buttload of that yesterday. Free lunch at a staff retreat tomorrow and I’m in charge of ordering. The place has vegan monkey bread so adding dessert to my order!

    Jen G.


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