Friday, October 22, 2021

Frugal Friday........the October 22nd Edition

 Haven't hit a grocery store all week.  Go me.  Let's see what other frugalness I got into this past week.......

*  Sat my butt home all weekend except for a quick jaunt to Rite-Aid.  Did some cleaning and sorting, especially in the Guest/Stockpile Room.  No $$ spent.

*  Monday Hubs and I went to get some screening tests done.  These were free through our insurance company.  Then I went to a different R-A and got this.......

As posted before I spent a whole .20¢ on all this.

*  I got another Giveaway up.......

Don't forget to enter this one once a day.  Check the link in the side bar.

A sneak peek..//November's giveaway will be all Girly make-up type stuff and CHOCOLATE!

*  I decluttered the kitchen cabinets........

Ex-College Boy took a few things when he was over for dinner last Friday night and I'm waiting on oldest to get back to me this weekend so the rest can go to Sallie's.  That makes another 28 items leaving this week.

*  Last Friday this all went to the food bank.  

50 assorted items from food to toiletries.

*  I found money!

Two pennies at 2 different places in my Rite-Aid and a penny at the drive-thru at Taco Bell.  There were 3 pennies at TB but I could only reach one....danged short arms! lol

And then another penny at R-A on Saturday.

Found Money This Week..... .04¢
Found Money This Year....$18.68

That's about it this week.  I've been more boring than usual.

What frugal wins did you experience lately?  Tell us all about it!!

Have a great weekend.  I'll be here decluttering and cleaning....anybody want to come help me? hahaha



  1. I keep a back scratcher in my car to reach things or pull things to me. I just tuck it under the seat when not in use. You can then pull those coins toward you at the drive through. I use mine mostly to reach into the back of my mailbox. When the mailman puts it I there it scoots to the back and it’s easier to get after I scootchit back up.

  2. HUM... Now I am wishing your give away included the santa and stand with cups(bowls?) LOL.
    Staying home , fighting a head cold I most likely got being out in the wind without a scarf.

  3. WHAT A GREAT LOAD TO GIVE TO THE FOOD BANK< I am sure they just love you. You have 7 more days before your life will change forever.... just sayin.

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while. I always see your give a ways and they are so much fun! But I never post but today when I read your blog your donations struck me to post! What a generous , lovely thing you are doing ! The food banks are very blessed to have that come into their buildings. I am not as frugal as you are but I do like a good coupon or savings. I also love to donate to any cause. It makes me feel good to help out when I can.
    Take care,
    Rose :)

  5. That is a huge load of stuff to give to the Food Bank. Go you! I need to declutter my kitchen cabinets too. A job, I have kept postponing forever.

  6. Finally made that Aldi stock up trip. Canned vegetables are still $.45 and currently no limits.Everyone was wearing a mask which is rare despite the county mask mandate.

    Jen G.

  7. Excellent donations! The food bank is going to be so happy! So is Goodwill. I went through my closet this evening and pulled out 5 more marginal items. If I look at them and wonder if I will wear them it is time to let them go. Next up is the Christmas closet!


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