Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Powder Room Reno........Done!

We got another item ticked off our list toward getting this house on the market.  The half bath downstairs got a complete makeover!  Our handyman had it done in 4 days last week.

I forgot to take before photos but I snuck in the room and took these.........

The medicine cabinet/mirror and sink(which hung off the wall) were already removed.  The mirror had a 1980's oak frame around it and the sink was off-white.

Here is the other side of the room where the toilet had been located.  Again, a small/low off-white color.  The walls had been repainted by Daughter years ago and had been builder's white to begin with.  The floor was rolled linoleum, also original to the house.

Here is the new flooring, a wood grained plank laminate that matches the color of the hallway and kitchen porcelain tile floor we put in years ago........

And here is the finished product......

We had him paint the room the same neutral color as what the whole downstairs plus stairwell and upstairs hallway will be.  The heat is new as is the higher elongated toilet.  Disregard the free standing toilet paper holder as we put a holder on the wall that matches the towel ring.

New pedestal sink and Moen faucet set......

New mirror/cabinet and light bar fixture too.

I wanted something clean and minimal as it's a small powder room.  I may hang a decorative item/picture at some point on the large wall to the right in the photo.

It cost more than usual since the handyman painted and we didn't so we paid construction/carpenter wages for that part of the job but still, the total OOP was under $3K for all materials and labor(except we had provided the paint).

Now it's onward to having the kitchen backsplash replaced and the drywall behind a part of it repaired too.  Then it's window time. ugh.

But I am thrilled to have all three bathrooms completed now!



  1. What a lovely refresh! My list just grows. Glad someone can check off boxes.

  2. that looks lovely & a pretty good price too. I'm looking forward to eventually doing all the jobs around the house once we retire.

  3. Looks great! Plus having a taller toilet downstairs is so much better. Yeah!

  4. The heat next to the commode should keep the toilet seat at-least-not-butt-shocking-chilly. I like that really well. The taller commode is good, too. Do you remember my efforts to get off the commode in the weird bathroom in the BBQ place we went. I had eaten there before, but I obviously had not been in that communal restroom! Or, sat on those really short commodes.

  5. We have done all three bathrooms as well (huge demo in master, all new in guest bath and mostly cosmetic in half bath that husband did most of), also in preparation for putting the house on the market. We're getting new windows and siding next week. However, having done all this work, we plan to stay here at least five more years!

  6. Looks great! You are moving right along with your prujects. We need to get busy on our bathrooms. Dreading it. lol

  7. It looks nice. The thing I hate about fixing up a house to sell it is that it's much nicer with all the redos and then I have to give it up!



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