Sunday, October 10, 2021

Downsizing Time But First Organizing

In our journey to move into a smaller house it's time to get serious about downsizing.  

I got rid of 75 items in September.  Of course they were all food bank donations but I am counting them. 8-)  Today I am searching through all my Rite-Aid/Walmart/etc. buys/freebies that are candy and I have all this to give out for Halloween......

My bread mixing bowl filled plus 2 more bags of fun size bars/treats.  I also have about 50 full size candy bars and bags of gummies I can give out too if the bowl runs empty. 8-)))
A win for all the kiddies plus getting rid of ?? items in the house come Oct. 31st.

I have another food bank donation started.

That's another 50 items leaving the house this month.  I suspect I'll add to this before it gets hauled to the church on Friday.

Add that to the 75 item food bank donation Hubs took up in September.

Tomorrow I'll start gathering all the things in the house I will be listing on eBay and Facebook soon.

But first, I need to tame this mess.........

The right side of the room
The left side of the room.

Yep, that's all the leftovers from the stockpile sale plus everything I've gotten since then.  Some of this is Xmas presents too so not all stockpile items.  I just need to sort and put things away and add some of this to my food bank donation.

So besides washing and grooming the dogs, that's what I am up to lately.
What have you been up to in your corner of the world?



  1. Donations certainly count. What a bounty and so many things needed that SNAP benefits can't be used for

  2. Dear me! I don't envy you your task. However it feels great to purge out the rubbish and the extraneous

  3. I am purging, sorting, recycling, trashing, donating. I am tired of being overwhelmed by "stuff". (Except sets of dishes. One can never have too many sets of dishes)

  4. Love your donation haul.

    I'm doing the same as Anne. I'm also sick of being overwhelmed by stuff.

  5. I'm sure the food bank will be eternally grateful for your donations!


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