Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Little Rite-Aid Buy

On Monday Hubs and I had signed up with our insurance company to have some health screenings done in a town nearby.  I was glad to hear we are not ready to keel over from Afib, PAD, Atherosclerosis or abdominal aortic aneurysm any time soon, rah.

Afterwards we headed somewhere for lunch and ended up near where my Discount Grocery use to be before they closed up this Summer. 8-(  Also in that area was one of the R-A's I frequent so I popped in, even though I didn't bring my coupon envie or have any plans.
Here is what I got......

The Colgate toothpaste(certain types/sizes)are $3.50 this week.  With the In-Ad coupon it's $3 off so .50¢ OOP.
I had a $2/1 Colgate Load2CardQ for this type of toothpaste so with both Qs applied I had $1.50 of overage to use up on something else.  This store carries these dog treats($1 a bag and .80¢ with Gold discount)so I added two bags.
$1.60+$3.50=$5.10-$5 in Qs=.10¢ + .10¢ sales tax=.20¢ OOP.
Free toothpaste and a bag of doggie treats for the puppies for .10¢ each.


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