Friday, October 15, 2021

Frugal Friday.....the October 15th Edition

 Taking a look around, here are the frugal wins for this past week....

*  I had gotten an Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)15% off digital coupon as soon as I got home from my September trip.  It expired on Monday so Hubs and I went up to have a poke around and bought this....

We also got 12 trays of wet dog food(not pictured)for a grand total of $12.56 after discount.

*  After Ollie's we had lunch out at Applebee's, using a gift card.  Paid $15+ OOP on tip and about $7 the gift card didn't cover.  I only ate half my Oriental salad so dinner was leftovers(I finished my salad.)

*  Hubs got a flu shot at Rite-Aid on Tuesday.  With that he received a $5 off when you spend $25 shopping pass.

*  Speaking of that shopping pass I spent it on this stuff.....

2 x Pepcid 20% gold discount=$21.58
1 x Tom's of Maine toothpaste 25% sale=$5.99

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25 purchase flu shotQ=$5.00
2 x $2.50/1 Pepcid Q=$5.00
Coupon Total....$10.00
$27.57-$10.00=$17.57 paid with Bonus Cash

I earned back $8 in new BC for buying $20+ of Pepcid, I submitted my receipt to JandJ Caregiver Offer and have a $10 gift card on the way(snail mail)also for buying $20+ of Pepcid and I submitted for a $2/1 Coupons dotcom rebate for the toothpaste.  I submitted for 2x $1.50 Ibotta rebates on the Pepcid as well.
Not too shabby....

*  I hit up Weis on Tuesday for some provisions.  I had some coupons expiring and a few that paired with digital Weis Qs too  that also doubled........

The band-aids were a penny moneymaker after sale price doubled Qs.
The pepcid was $2.50 OOP after sale price, Qs and Ibotta rebate.
The Hall's cough drops were 50% on clearance so $1.14 a bag.  After the $1.50/1 Qs 3 bags were a $1.08 moneymaker.

The Prego was on sale $2 a jar(if you bought 3 or more).  After doubled Qs they were $2 total or .50¢ a jar.
The dog food was .79¢ per container and I had $4 total in Qs making them .29¢ each.

*  A Target coupons arrived in the mail this week.  Our store just had a remodeling so they are eager to lure you back in to spend money.

It's good until sometime in November so I'll pair this with circle offers/coupons and app deals to spend very little out of pocket.

*  I found money!

A dime and a nickel at Weis on Tuesday.  Someone left their change at the self check-out. My Rite-Aid has been dry lately.

Found Money This Week... .15¢
Found Money This Year....$18.64

*  Sissie sent me home with 2 bags of homemade cookies and a meatloaf this past trip in September.  We had the meatloaf on Thursday, my shot day when I don't feel up to doing much.  It was a godsend having that already cooked and thawed to heat up.  Wish I had gotten sisters sooner in my life! lol

That's about it from here.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?



  1. Of course not nearly as good as your finds, but forgot to mention yesterday that when we went out for dinner Friday night, we got a 50% of one meal. o found money except in my own house.

  2. Isn't our sister the greatest! I miss you!

  3. Got a free flu shot and my arm is throbbing! I might do an Aldi stock up trip this weekend but don’t really need anything for the week.

    Jen G.

  4. Sisters are the best, even if it took you a long time to get some!

  5. I got my three sisters about 15 years ago, when we were all 45-50 years old, it is the best!


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