Friday, October 29, 2021

Frugal Friday........the October 29th Edition

Let's see what frugalness I got into this past week.......

*  Not so frugal now but it will be in the future.  Ocean State Job Lot had an event this week-Spend at least $30 and earn 40% of what you spend on a Crazy Deal Card.  I went 2 times this past week.  I picked up some Christmas goodies as well as houseware needs(new door mats)and some food items.  Between a trip to the Produce Market and the food items I stocked up on at OSJL my food spending was $174.87 which put me at $296.49 for October.  So I won't have the ultra-low grocery spending I was shooting for in October but I am still well under my $400 target AND I have 40% savings on everything I bought so when I go back to OSJL I have lots of free money to use! woohoo

*  I decluttered some more items and Hubs hauled them off to Sallie's.  I didn't get any photos before they left but it was another 32 items so we decluttered a total of 50 items in October to the Salvation Army.

*  Last Friday this all went to the food bank. .......... 

64 more assorted items from food to toiletries.

*  I received that $10 Visa card for buying Pepcid a couple of weeks ago.........

*  I got my flu shot at R-A.........
It was free and I received a $5 off a $25 order coupon to use in the store.  I also got a free bottle of hand sanitizer from the pharmacist.

*  I found money!
This dime at Rite-Aid last Friday.

Then this dime at the Salvation Army store on Monday.

Found Money This Week..... .20¢
Found Money This Year....$18.88

That's about it this week.  

What frugal wins did you experience lately?  Tell us all about it!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!



  1. We have a Mike's Discount in the get twin cities but it's far enough away to be considered an outing for me. Until my daughter can eat regularly, I won't bother but it sounds similar. We just don't have much for discount stores here, not even bread anymore.

  2. I made an extra mortgage principle payment yesterday and the new payoff date is March 2023. Increasing the monthly amount in December so that should take some more time off.

    Jen G.


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