Saturday, October 30, 2021

What's Been Going on Here

 So, we've had a busy week.  Not good busy but not so good busy.

First Chester our doggie got sick.  As in he won't eat and just lays around sick.  He was spitting up bile(since there was no food in the tank)and he was making strange little runny poops.  Something wasn't right with his gastrointestinal tract obviously.  He wasn't showing any signs of pain like whining or whimpering, just lethargy.

After 3 days of  this Hubs took him to the emergency vet an hour away(since it was a weekend and our vet wasn't open).  After tests, bloodwork and a full exam they couldn't find a certain cause.  So we put him on a specific diet and the bet armed us with an appetite stimulant and a course of doggy antibiotics.  Chester only needed one dose of the appetite stimulant to get back into eating his very small meals and within 4 days he was barking his head off for more food! lol  I think he's made a full recovery.  Of course our wallet is $800+ poorer for it all. 8-((

Then I went to refill one of the Rxs which usually costs me $25 per month and the pharmacy said that would be $375 please.   WTF?!?
Then I remembered that this drug needed preauthorization each year and October is when this occurs.  So I got in touch with the doctor's office to arrange for them to reach out to the insurance company/prescription provider.

I went back to the pharmacy a week later and they tried to pry $595 out of my hands for it.  Another WTF?!? and back to various entities.
In the end my insurance company/plan provider decided to up this drug from a Tier 2 to a Tier 3 and thus they now don't cover it(which was why I then owed $595 for it instead of $375).

Insurance provider cancelled the preauthorization but didn't tell anybody why or what to do next.  Hubs got on the phone madder than hell to find out what was going on(the Tier change, etc.).  Insurance rep said they will cover two different drugs now at a Tier 2 cost and neither needs a yearly preauthorization(at least that's good news).....well, until they change their minds again. lol
So the in house pharmacy arm on the insurance provider filled the Rx automatically when the doctor put the Rx order in.  I only have my one specialty drug filled by them(as they have proven to be incompetent ninnies in the past)because I am forced to use them for that drug.  We'll see what happens when this new Rx comes and how difficult they make it to have it filled locally instead if I choose to change the delivery method.

Then last night I was in Rite-Aid trying to buy a gift card.  I had put my credit card into the machine and then the power went off in the store.  ugh.  Checked my c/c this morning to make sure I wasn't double charged for the gift card.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  But we all had to wait, once the power came back on, for another 15 minutes for the registers to boot up.  Ain't technology grand?? 

And I got my flu shot but haven't had any complications from that. yay.

It's always something, isn't it?

This coming week is the election that we work.  The fun just never ends around here.......

Hope your Ghosts and Goblins are good ones this year,



  1. Our pup had those same symptoms and behavior to early summer. He as given a probiotic goop and a antibiotic, and bounced back fairly quick. Insurance, ain't it grand!(/(?!5$!

  2. I now carry GOODRX even with our insurance. I would have to stay my insurance told me to mark my calendar 2 months before I need preauthorization for my Humira so I can see the doctor and then get the stuff through so I don't go without like I did this year.

    1. Thankfully my insurance doesn't require me to jump through a pre-authorization hoop on my Humira. I just worry with that one if Medicare will cover it once I hit 65.

  3. I have to pay preauthorization for a couple of meds. That is $30 each that I don't have. And, I have to have the PA each time I get it. That was an expensive vet visit, but it sounds like Chester is happy.

  4. I hate it when insurance companies decide they are equipped to practice medicine and issue prescriptions My sisters one specific drug is no longer covered and is about 3 grand 4 times a year, so obviously she had to opt for a different and slightly less effective treatment.

    1. Exactly! And this was a mid year change too. I just hope I can tolerate this new drug without any bad side effects.

  5. So glad that Chester is doing better!
    I can sure sympathize about the expenses.
    Health insurance in the U.S. is so messed up.
    Thank you for working the election, and I hope it won't be as crazy as last years. I will be glad when it is over as I don't like either party anymore.

    1. Geo. Washington warned us about political parties in his Farewell Address. It was one of three main points of his speech...loyalty to party over our nation was the worst enemy of our republic.

  6. Yes, in life it is always something! I am glad to hear your little doggie is feeling better. Yes, it costs to care for them and they are part of our family. Just like with our kids - should I take them to be seen or wait one more day and watch them. Pre-Authoriztions are a pain. My mom has one shot she gets through her doctors office that is over 3500.00 a shot. She gets it monthly. Oh the hoops she and her doctors office go through to get it approved every year. She tried going off of it for 3 months once and that was a disaster so it is necessary if she wants to stay out of the hospital and live. Take care and hoping you have a wonderful Halloween and November!

  7. Medicare here..Rx jumped from $47 to $147. Why? Said it was a mistake so I ask for a tier exception. Can't do says Humana Medicare. So I appeal all the way to Admin Law Judge in Phoenix. Phone hearing. I lose. Can I borrow Hubs fir initial rant?

  8. I'm taking a new medication to attempt to strengthen my bones. This flipping medicine put me into the DONUT HOLE! I was denied assistance twice by the manufacturer but did receive assistance from the Specialty Pharmacy.

    I was thankful that your pup bounced back!


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