Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Stuff Lately

 * Our credit card information was stolen last week.  Someone(not us)spent our c/c online at a company called Course Hero.  Though I am all for bettering yourself with online courses/classes, I draw the line at using someone else's money to pay for it without asking said person.

So now we wait on new cards which is worrisome given it's a bit before Christmas and all the mailing services are bogged down so these cards may arrive sometime in February at this point.  Luckily we each have an alternate c/c.

* We got this unsolicited pamphlet in the mail recently.....

After 2020 and the Dumpster Fire it turned out to be, maybe I should read this? lol

*  I saw these packages of gummi bears at Sharp Shopper last week.......

5 lb. bags of gummies!  Oh, they were cheap alright but that's enough gummi candies to rot all your teeth! lol

*  Also while in Hershey last Thursday we had lunch at Bob's.  We no longer have a Bob's here since ours shut down in Jan.

This was 2 days before the Governor shut down all indoor dining again in PA.

Speaking of Commie Tommy, here is a meme my son's roommate sent me that made me LOL........that's our governor's head...

*  Speaking of politics and politicians, we received this in the mail on Monday, December 14th...

Well actually Ex-College Boy got this postcard from the Democrats reminding him to vote on Nov. 3rd. lolz  They sent it to his college address(where he hasn't lived for almost 3  YEARS now)and it got forwarded here where he also no longer lives.  I guess the Democrat funded action organizations target college students as they tend to be liberal minded, even if the said student isn't a registered Democrat.

*  Speaking of mail, all my packages in route are being delayed.  Daughter didn't get hers in time for her birthday which was Sunday though it was mailed early last week.  It will be a miracle if anything else shows up on time besides for Christmas.

*  I finished off the "Rein in the Cash" Ibotta Bonus at Weis buying this on Sunday........

3 boxes of Kellogg's cereals on special for $2.49 each when you buy 3.  I had 3 x .70¢/1 IPQs which doubled to $1.40 off each so paid $3.27 for all OOP.

Then I submitted to Ibotta and got $2.45 in rebates for all 3,making them .82¢ for all 3 boxes and also got the $10 Rein Bonus.

*  We received our first Xmas card of the season last week from a dear friend.........

The entire back flap of the envelope was missing!  I had to ask the sender I hope she hadn't enclosed $100 bills as someone had sliced open the envie and taken them. ;-)  Luckily she reassured me no $$ was missing.

*  As for our decorating, here is the pitiful display of Christmas cards we've gotten as of Tuesday........

5 cards.  One card is from Hubs' ex-coworker, 2 are from Anne's card exchange, one is from a grateful Giveaway winner(thanks Suzanne!)and one is from the online clothing store I have spent $$ at so it really doesn't count. lolz

*  And this is a reminder for KIM that the Corgi Iditarod is coming soon...

You'd better start training Roscoe! lolz

*  They are predicting we will get walloped with this NorEaster storm to the depth of 18+ inches.  We are dead center in it's current trajectory.  Oh Goody!  It's already snowing lightly here and it's suppose to go until Thursday afternoon.  Hubs and I went out this morning and did what we needed to do already so we are good.
If you have to go out in this stay safe!!!

What's going on in your world lately?




  1. That Corgi Iditarod is hilarious

    My mother, a Dem, insists there was zero voter fraud in our last national election 😜🤪😳

  2. The mail! The mail! It's a mess! I sent a package to Megan in Texas that made it to Austin this morning, but then tracking showed it was in Gulfport Mississippi an hour and a half later. What the heck? I'm hoping it was a mis-scan and not that the package was put on a plane to be heading back to me. Sorry about your CC and also about the big storm. 2020 has to go out with a bang I guess. As long as your heat is working, all is good! :-)

  3. I sent almost all presents via Amazon and everything arrived within a few days. Didn’t spring for the $5.99 gift bag option so the box is the wrapping.

    Tomorrow is my last real day of work but I’m still in the middle of hiring a buttload of adjuncts for spring semester. Looks like I’ll be working a bit but still settling my out of office for Friday.

    Some people at work decided to do presents even though they know I avoid going in. I’m in the process of making lotion bars since I have the stuff and not about to run out to a store.

    Jen G.

  4. What a credit card pain. I am a slow poke with cards this year. Sons gifts were partially delayed.

  5. Stay safe and stay warm. And tell Dan no shoveling the driveway is allowed.


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