Saturday, December 19, 2020

Another Frugal Friday on Saturday, December 19th Edition

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Let's see the few Frugal Wins that went on this past week here at Chez Sluggy....

*  I finally got my "pay" for working the election polls on November 3rd....

Because of COVID it was a little more than usual which I won't turn down.

There was also a nice form letter with the check from our County Manager thanking us for setting up to work during this trying time.  I think I appreciated his recognition more than the money.  8-)

*  We got a ton of snow Wednesday/Thursday morning!

Spent most of Wednesday and all of Thursday not going anywhere....not even Rite-Aid.  And I resisted the urge to do any online shopping while stuck at home.

*  My car was due for an oil change/tire rotation/inspection so we took it up on Tuesday to the local auto service place.  We only had to pay for the inspection as I had a gift certificate for the other services that I won at last year's Church auction but still hadn't use.

*  I've been good about sending almost all of the deluge of emails from companies wanting me to spend my money at their establishments tempting me with fabulous(ok, mostly not so  fabulous)offers/sales in my inbox.  I haven't even set foot in most stores, especially Kohl's which is a big thing for me.  Kohl's invariably gets a lot of my Christmas spending dollars each year but not so this year.

I love me some Holiday candles!  I bought about 10 of these large jarred candles last January or February at Kohl's when the holiday items were 80% off.  $10 candles for $1.99?  Yes, please!

I like Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles but I won't spend the crazy amount they want for them regular price nor will I put up with the madness of Candle Day in the store(I tried online buying last year but BBW doesn't know how to pack shipping boxes very well and almost everything arrived broken.  By the time they reshipped what wasn't out of stock it was too late to use them for Christmas, plus one of them was a gift so the person got that after Christmas. sigh)  These Kohl's candles smell about the same as BBW ones and I am happy not have braved the crowds on Candle Day nor given BBW stupid amounts of my money for a candle. ;-)

*  I found money!

2 pennies last Sunday last at Rite-Aid.

I found this penny outside the liquor store on Tuesday(as I was leaving after buying a Christmas present).  Who says drinking isn't profitable? lol

This quarter was found on Wednesday at Rite-Aid under the candy rack by the register.

Total Found This Week.... .28¢
Total Found This Year So Far...$53.13

*  I hit CVS to roll some ECBs on Wednesday spending $2.30 OOP...

And the Rite-Aid haul the same day spending ZERO OOP......

(2 frozen pizzas and 2 Powerades not pictured.)

I also finished off a $10 Ibotta Bonus at Weis(PMITA)Markets buying these 3 boxes of cereal Sunday I already blogged about....

.82¢ OOP for all 3 boxes after sale/coupons/rebates.  One box is for Hubs, one box is for EX-College Boy and the last box is going to the Food Bank. 8-)

That's about all for this past week.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about it and have a good weekend!

I'll be posting the Giveaway Winner on Sunday. 8-)))



  1. Yes, you and all election workers deserve every ounce of gratitude due you. What trying times to have credibility challenged across the country. Great deals on candles. I bought several last spring on line as well for good deals.

  2. The most frugal thing I did last week was to talk myself out of spending money on some wants but definitely not needs.

  3. I kind of found money. A faculty member from my department stuck a card containing a $260 check in my door. I’ll do a mobile deposit to my savings account.

    I’ve been making lotion bars for all the unexpected gifters. Dropped those off in their mailboxes while I was in the office taking care of a few things.

    I’m off until Jan. 4 and plan to very lazy and rarely leave the house. 😁

    Jen G.

  4. Not being allowed to leave the house due to COVID quarantine meant I was very frugal! Lol

  5. That’s an impressive amount of snowfall! And am impressive total for found money
    I didn’t work the election but I was so impressed with the poll workers where we voted- that was a stressful election like no other.

  6. Mother and Pop were always poll workers. My brother was going to this year but his doctor advised against it.

  7. I too love holiday candles. Someone is always worried I am going to burn the house down with them.
    I love the snowfall! I am mad-jealous.


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