Thursday, December 17, 2020

Wednesday Doings

Since the big storm was slated to commence Wednesday afternoon and I had CVS ECBs expiring that day(figures, right?)Hubs and I headed out to run a couple errands before the snow flew.

First it was CVS........

I wanted to get some useful things(not just oral care items and shampoo which are the only CRTs I ever get)so I picked up TP, Kleenex and a Bday card.   The Maybelline baby lips were free after Instant Q at the redbox and the $5 ECB buying 2 gave back.  The small Wet n' Wild gift sets cost .97¢ for all 3.  $4.99 each and gave back $4 in ECB plus I had a $2/$12 cosmetics CRT that came off so .97¢ + sales tax spent down on my ECBs I paid with.

I think I got the wrong Kleenex that were suppose to be 2 for $3 as they rang up reg. $2.09 each price instead of $3 for 2 and the cashier pushed the $1/2 redbox Q through.

Should have been subtotal of $39.52-$11 in Qs/CRT=$28.52 and 27.48 paid in ECBs=$1.04 + sales tax OOP.

Ended with the wrong price chaarged on the Kleenex as $40.70-$11 in Qs/CRT=$29.70 and $27.48 paid in ECBs=$2.22+.08¢ sales tax so $2.30 OOP.

Whatever.  I was in no frame of mind to fight over the $1.18 I was overcharged.
I earned back $20 in new ECBs($12 gift sets, $3 TP, $5 Maybelline).  I used the expiring ECBs and rolled other forward so mission accomplished.

Then it was on to Rite-Aid to pick up an Rx and I used/rolled some Bonus Cash with this transaction....

I had a $2/1 Tresemm√© Load2CardQ and that conditioner was 50% on clearance for $2.99 making that .99¢ after Q.
I got 2 x Poise liners on sale for $4.99 each and used 2 x $2/1 Poise Qs(1 L2CQ, 1 IPQ)and they gave $5 in BC when you bought 2 so they "cost" .98¢ total + .06¢ sales tax.
I also did a food deal which isn't pictured--2 DiGiorno pizzas and 2 SF Powerads for $12 which earned me $3 in BC.  The pizzas also earned me $1.50 in Ibotta rebates.

Altogether this all was $24.97-$6 in Qs so $18.97+.06¢ sales tax=$19.03 paid for with BC and I earned back $8 in BC and $1.50 in cash rebates. $19.03-$9.50 rebates/BC means I spent down the BC by $9.53.

We got home around noon and the snow had begun to lightly fall.  

Before I went to bed I took this photo of the back deck.......

You go out and shovel and within the hour your path was covered up again. After I came upstairs it began to sleet too which was going to make shoveling out extra fun! hahaha

 Ex-College Boy had a rough time getting home from work.  Even though corporate closed his store early at 6:30 his route home is partly via interstate and a semi-almost ran him off the road.  He did get home safely but it took an hour(double his commute time).  I-80 about an hour West of here in central PA had a massive vehicle pile-up and shutdown all lanes Westbound for quite some time due to the 60 vehicle crash where 2 people died.  So sad right before Christmas....

This morning it's sunny but still in the 20's.  Here's a shot from the front porch before Hubs attempted to dig out the cars in the driveaway.........

The trusty yardstick says we got a literal 12 inches.  The local weatherman reported that parts NorthWest of here got as much as 30 inches.  Yikes!  It was a doozy of a storm here.

How about where you are.  How much snow did y'all get?



  1. Here in our part of No. Cal. we get zero snow - every once in awhile it will hail and that is about as close as we get. If we get a hankerin for snow we are only about an hour away from Tahoe so....we can get our fill. Stay safe when driving!!!!

    Sue L.

  2. Hello! Here in Georgia it will be 28 degrees tonight but no snow! Love your blog! Take care of yourself and your family and stay warm. Merry Christmas and wishing 2021 to be a better year for all!

  3. We got maybe 6inches,hubs snowblower refused to start at first.I called out of work on thrusday.

  4. We had a little but it melted quickly. Daryl the dog is not a fan of the snow or the cold.

    Jen G.

  5. That is a lot of snow!
    We had more ice and sleet. Many accidents on interstate and one 19 year old died.
    Glad your son made it home safely. Stay safe!


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