Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dollar General Pillaging & Shingrix Side Effects

 I'm sorry I've have been MIA the last few days.  I got the Shingles Booster shot on Monday and they lied.

The lied that the booster didn't cause as many side effects as the intial shot.  The first shot made my arm hurt for 10 days, no lie.  This shot not only hurts my arm like a sonofabitch but the pains have traveled to my neck and back.  I literally can't find a position I can put my left arm in that doesn't hurt.  I've progressed from ice packs to Ibuprofen to something stronger to get through the day.  I hope tomorrow I can turn the corner and start to feel better.  What makes this worse is that I "mouse" left handed to using th computer has been limited. ugh.

I did hit Dollar General on Saturday to use my last 2 dog treat Qs, the $25 off $5 Sat. Q and take advantage of any digital DG coupons and/or glitches.
My closest DG had no dog treats I could use those Qs with so I punted and came up with a scenario on the fly........

Not pictured are 4 x 6-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper for me and 1 x 6-pack of Dr. Pepper w/Cream Soda for Ex-College Boy.  That deal was 5 for $10.00 and I would have bought this anyway so no harm no fowl.

1 x Old Spice deodorant $3 *Xmas item*
1 x All sensitive detergent $3
1 x Clover Valley sugar $2
1 x Cover Valley veggie oil $1.95
1 x Crest toothpaste $3
1 x Clover Valley brown sugar $1.65
3 x American Greetings cards $1.50 *I needed and they were .01¢ after Q*
2 x Welch's fruit snacks  .64¢
With another .26¢ this would have been $25 and I would have added s bag of Clover Leaf flour to get over $25 with the dog treats.

Subtotal was $24.74 and $35.74 with all that soda.

After Qs my total came to $11.41+.53¢ sales tax so $11.94 OOP.

So basically $1.94 for everything but the soda as I was going to buy that anyway.
And the last thing we need is toothpaste here but I found that cinnamon flavored one and it's my favorite flavor of toothpaste so I am happy to pick that up for less than $1 a tube! woohoo
Some of this will make it's way to the food bank if I can find the time to get there next week.

When I am better and can mouse normally(this has taken me an hour to type!)I'll recount the Rite-Aid my scores there this week and my online order last week which finally arrived and they bolloxed that up big time!

I won't be probably posting on Thursday as I'll be in Hershey most of the day.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. While I do not recall my shingles vaccine, I am sure I did not have that kind of reaction or I would remember it. How awful to not be able to mouse!

  2. I received the first Shingrix vaccine during November. I had a lot of the possible side effects.


  3. First shot nothing, second more flu type for a few days and arm pain but .......... nothing compared to getting shingles.

  4. When I got my first Shingrix shot I honestly started looking around for the sling I had used when I fractured my elbow, because my arm hurt so much. I dreaded getting the second one, but I had no pain at all! My husband got a low grade fever after both.

  5. Ouch! Hope the side effects wear off fast. I wouldn't want to hurt for that long from a shot.

    Yes, please share RA deals. I have oodles of BC that I need to spend before Christmas.

  6. Hope you feel better!
    The vaccine wasn't as bad as the shingles, but I hope I don't have either again.

  7. Damn I was so sick with the first on, so much to look forward to.

  8. I would be terrified to get the vaccine after the reaction I had to the flu vaccine last year. I got so sick. I already had the shingles and it was the sickest I ever was in my entire life. Very nervous about getting a Covid vaccine too.

  9. Oh my goodness I hope you feel better soon. And I wanted to thank you for the Christmas card - just received it today! Merry Christmas Sluggy!

  10. I have yet to have my shingrix (overdue I know), but sister had fly likes symptoms with both parts. Happy to do that not to get the disease, same as with the fly. I am always for a vaccine, so I will be offering up my arm as soon as they will offer it to me.


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