Thursday, December 31, 2020

Auld Lang Syne 2020

I've got so much to wrap up here.....not gift wrap but balancing various books, still waiting on the mail(both gifts and medical account reimbursements to arrive, etc.)and stuff to catalog and put away(both gifts, decor and things I found on clearanc for Xmas and assorted Birthdays in 2021.  Then Hubs and I need to sit down and plan out our 2021 finances.  Oh, that's going to be exciting, right? lol

I did a little after Xmas shopping but didn't get to that until Sunday and Monday as we spent Saturday and a bit of Sunday in NJ at eldest son's apartment visiting, so lots was already gone at my local stores.  That's fine as I still have plenty gift wrap, tape, bows, boxes, etc.  I did score a few small gifties to put in my gift tub.  I had 2 Rubbermaid tubs filled with presents for Christmas/Birthdays but used all but 1/4 of what was in 1 of the tubs.  I probably found enough to fill that one tub back up but I'll have an empty tub left to get rid of or expand into depending.  Go me for getting rid of stuff!

My Doctor has me on a new Rx and I seem to be very lethargic which is one of the side effects.  Add to that that it's so cold here so I just have no motivation to do anything but the bare minimum that I have to do.  No blogging mojo either so I won't hit the AdSense minimum by tonight/the end of December 2020 to see a revenue check in January unless a bunch of y'all click on my ads or read and then reread this silly post about 40 times. ;-)

I'll do my regular Frugal Friday post tomorrow but beyond that, who knows when/what else.
I am just glad to see 2020 leave the premises as are most everyone else in the world.

Let's hope for a better world for all of us in 2021.  Please tell me it has to get better.  I need to hear that.

I'll leave you with the immortal words of Bobby Burns......

Wishing all my Blogger Friends Peace in 2021,



  1. I always vaguely wonder about what ads of which you speak. I looked carefully today, and I don't see any ads on your blog.

  2. Your exciting year end sounds like mine! I too need some massive clicks to reach a goa, but mine would be a two month goal on AdSense to hit the minim as I don't have near the wealth of reader as you have. I also think I'm going to ditch AdSense after I hit the next minimum as the ad placements have become so cumbersome, it just isn't worth the issues a few readers have said, unless I can figure out a better way. Have a Happy New Year and see you when the sun comes up.

  3. 3 family members have covid. I am 69 and have been exposed to one of them. We almost made it into 2021 without it!

  4. Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a better one for all. Whatever you do, don't encourage your readers to click on your ads. That's how I lost my Adsense account. I'm banned for life.

    1. I know. That was just tongue in cheek jesting about clicking on ads.
      Happy New Year to you too!


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