Sunday, March 31, 2024

More Videos of Cajun Travel in Louisiana

I hope everyone has a nice Easter, celebrating it the way you want to.  We'll be home with our doggies and I'm cooking a turkey from the freezer with a few sides.  The highlight for me will be the grilled fresh pineapple we are making!

Here's another installment of Peter Santenello's videos in the Cajun Country of Louisiana.  I sure would enjoy living down there near the Gulf of Mexico(I grew up near the ocean)if it wasn't even hotter and more humid than here in the Summer(er, the Dry Season).
Perhaps Hubs and I will take a trip down that way between the Dry Season and the Rainy Season(Oct. or so).


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  1. Now I want some ginger bread and French bread! Cindy in the South


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