Saturday, March 2, 2024

Bringing in March with Deals

 True to my word I hit Kroger and Walmart yesterday on Friday for the deals.

Here is Dixie Belle posing with the 4 12-packs of soda I picked up.  There is/was a $3/1 Ibotta rebate on the Fruit Splash ginger ale(limit 2 offers)and these sodas were B2G2Free so $19.98 with $6 off making all 4 packs $13.98.

Here is the bulk of the non produce/meat deals I picked up.  The sugar-free Monster Drinks were B2G1Free plus I had a BOGO Q in my account so all 3 drinks cost $2.99 OOP.  The Back to Nature crackers and cookies were part of the Mega sale plus I had Ibotta rebates for each.  The BB Tuna packets were on sale $1 each, I had a digital Q for $1/4 and I got .50¢ back on Ibotta.  The Allegra was on clearance for $10.81(a 24 ct.)and the digital $5/1 Allegra Q came off making that $5.81 for almost a month of allergy meds.  The Palmolive dish soap was on weekly digital sale for $1.49 plus I had a digital Manf. Q for .75¢ off so that came to 74¢.  The Golden Grahams baked oat bars(these will be flying with us to and from the cruise in case we need food on some leg of the journey)were still on Mega for $1.99 a box plus I got $1 off each on Ibotta.  The Energizer flashlight/keychain items were $6.99 each.  I got $3 off each on Ibotta and $3 back for each one with Kroger Cash Back, making them cost .99¢ each in the end.
I would have also picked up the Bounty Glitch deal but my store was out of that item.

I found 5 meat deals....2 nice sized Nolan Ryan steaks for $9.97 on clearance, 2 lb. packs of 91% lean Ground Beef for $5.01 but were part of the Mega sale so paid $4.01 each. a hunk of Salmon marked down to $5.54 and a prepackaged hunk of Salmon with Brown Sugar Bourbon glaze marked down to $5.20 but again, part of the Mega sale so I paid $4.20 for that.
II also picked up a Caesar salad kit on clearance($1.65), a half gallon of lactose-free Good Culture milk which I had a $2.75 Ibotta rebate for, 5 x 2 ltr. Zero Sugar Dr. Peppers for $1 each on sale, a 4 pack of Kleenex which has part of the Mega sale($6.49)which I got $1 back on Ibotta for purchasing, and 2 Butterball turkey dinner smoked sausages for $4.19 total(I had a BOGO Q in my account).

Then I hit Walmart last evening.......

I got 2 x Palmolive dish soaps, 2 x Poise pads, a 2 pack of Bounty PTs, 3 travel size OS deodorants and 2 Febreeze car 2 packs.

I spent $29.22 and got back $38.05 from Ibotta, Shopmium and Tada, making that trip an $8.83 moneymaker.

In non-rebating news I bought these CPK salad dressings that were on clearance for $1.50 each.  These also had $1/1 peelie Qs on them so they cost $1 for both.

Then I hit Dollar General this morning as I needed to pick up a new baby card(my brother became a step-Great Grandfather last week, I guess that makes me a step -Great Grand Aunt too lolz).

I found a ton of these Tyson pork loins marked down 50% off so I picked up a few.  I repacked them in marinade when I got home(bbq or teriyaki)and put them in the freezer for future meals.

I hit my Weekend Warrior Bonus of $5 back on Ibotta but I'm not even half way to my Big Bonus which expires Sunday night.

Not a bad start to the grocery shopping month.


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  1. Those prices are better than what I found this last week.


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