Friday, March 1, 2024

Frugal Friday......the March 1st Edition

There are very few Frugal wins this past week so here goes....

*  I DID end up spending $27.85 last week at the end of the week.  
At Walmart I bought--
3 x Pasta sauce on clearance for $1.50 each.
1 x Marinade on clearance for $2.00
1 x Lysol Sanitizer for $6.97
1 x Suavitel Shed Shield for $4.47
I spent $19.94.
I received $10.97 in rebates so $9 total OOP.

At Kroger I bought--
2 x 1 lb. strawberries
1.03 lb. asparagus
1.12 sweet potato
.50 lb. trout fillets
I paid $9.91 total OOP.
All the produce is gone now and it isn't worth taking the trout out of the freezer for a photo. lol

So far THIS week I haven't stepped foot into a store.  But I'll be going shopping later today to start March's grocery spending.

My wallet likes staying out of stores. 8-)

*  I took advantage of a President's Day sale last weekend to fill out my wardrobe, which was decimated due to my weight loss and having to get rid of most of my clothing.  I bought some items at the online fat lady store(had to get much smaller sizes though), bought some funny t-shirts from an online store(using Paypal monies)and bought some items at Kohl's(using gift cards I had sitting here so no OOP for those).  I think I'm well covered now and looking forward to wearing all this on the cruise and beyond.

*  No eating out except for a Muffaletta pizza for lunch one day this week as a reward for undergoing my RFA.  Shopping from my pantry and freezer this week.  Eating lots of leftovers.

I found money!
Nope, nada.  Nothing found and I didn't go anywhere except the doctor's office.

Total Found in last Week.... .00¢

Grand Total Found this Year.......$1.55

That's all I got.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. Winn Dixie had strawberries BOGO $4.99 16 oz. but they are not as good as the Target ones from last week. I suppose I will use the $5 off 25 at DG coupon on Saturday to get some things for kid. Eggs jumped from $1.92 dozen a week or two ago, to $2.67 dozen at Aldi!!!!! OMG!!! I also bought milk $1.86 half gal at Aldi and spinach at Aldi was $1.49 for 8 Oz., I think. My receipt is in car and it is raining so I am not going out to check for sure … lolz. I was shocked at the price of Kraft American cheese at Aldi (the only kind the kid will eat and he eats a lot of it), it was $4.98 for 16 oz. OJ was $3.29 for 52 fluid oz. Of course I forgot to get jasmine rice at Aldi and bought it at Winn Dixie. I used to get it once a week at Dollar Tree for $1.25 but sometimes it is not quite enough for the week, so I wanted to buy a bigger bag elsewhere. I bought ground beef at Walmart and it was a good bit higher than Aldi. 4 something a lb whereas AlDi is 3 something. It was about a dollar difference a lb but I was at SAMs getting gas for 2.77 gallon so I went into Walmart. I rarely buy my meat there. They are side by side here. Cindy in the South

    1. Cindy, I was just as shocked by egg prices at Walmart. I paid around $1 about 2-3 weeks ago, now it's $2.49! I went to Kroger to stock up on their $1.49/doz eggs.

  2. I just went to Kroger for $1.88 strawberries and $1.99 veggie straws. Morningstar products were also on sale and there should have been Ibotta rebates. The chicken product worked but the meal starter rebate disappeared in less than an hour. Annoying. I checked the app before I left and it was gone by the time I returned. Kroger is 3 minutes away and I’m a speed shopper.

  3. I hope your appointment went well yesterday. I sure wish that I could spend that little on groceries. The produce alone takes up a big chunk of our grocery budget. I stocked up on eggs & Coke at Kroger. Hope you & hubs have a great weekend!


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