Friday, September 29, 2023

Frugal Friday....the September 29th Edition

Welcome to Frugal Friday!   And really, what a week of highs and lows it's been!!!

There are a few Frugal wins this past week so here goes....

*  Grocery shopping this week........

At Kroger late Friday, I picked up what's pictured above with Ibotta rebates and some also had digital Qs.  The boxed Kraft was given away to son in-law.
I spent $32.75 OOP on all this and got back $13.94 on Ibotta.

This is what got bought at Walmart on Saturday with Ibotta rebates and again the boxed Kraft went to the son in-law. I spent $44.04 OOP on what is pictured and got back $28.91 on Ibotta plus another $5 for hitting the Weekend Bonus between the Kroger shop and this one.
And I received $9.00 on Shopmium and $4.00 on Alexa so $15.94 OOP in the end on all this. (I also earned $3 worth of Shop Kicks too and .25¢ of Kroger Cash Back but those get counted once I cash out on those platforms.)

I'll also picked up a load of stuff on Thursday, mostly some prepackaged salads, frozen veggies as we were almost out, fresh fruit and veg to use up this coming week before we fly to Ohio, a can of tomato paste, a bag of pet treats, 3 bags of frozen chicken, and Hubs wanted a frozen pizza and a rope of Cajun boudin sausage.  That all came to $67.42 after my 5% Senior discount(since we went there on SD day).  We saved $33.06 over regular retail prices too.   I know this puts me over $400 for the month of September on food but it was either going to happen in September or October.  This is the discount grocer for Brookshire's a regional chain.  They sell Brookshire's branded items here but they charge less for them.  And I usually buy fresh produce here as it is cheaper than Walmart or Kroger.

*  Our granddog who is getting up there in dog years broke a tooth off a couple of weeks ago but 2 of the roots were still left in her gums.  Being elderly the vet is reticent to use anesthesia on her(due to her heart)but you can't do extraction on a dog without it.  They ran tests and daughter took the gamble she would pull through.  Got the word on Tuesday evening that she survived the operation and is recovering!

Cinnamon is the dog that lived with us in PA for 3 years while Daughter was finishing her degree.  She was my constant companion for those 3 years(before we adopted Chester)and I have a soft spot in my heart for her.

* Our power went out again.  This time due to a hellacious lightning storm on Sunday night(it stormed off and on all day and then into Monday and the strikes were so close a few actually shook our house).  We had nothing to eat(no way to cook or heat it)and had to go get bags of ice to try to save our freezer/fridge food.
We ended up going to a local restaurant for lunch because they had power still.  I ordered a chimichanga, which is my favorite thing to eat if it's Mexican.  What they brought me was not up to par.....

I choked down about half of the chimi only, as I was starving and as it was NOT fried as it should have been.  I'd had this before here(2 times)and it was cooked properly then.  This one was a gloppy oily mess.  Then they dumped what appeared to be processed cheese sauce on top of it(or a sort of melted Velveeta).  The beef was not seasoned beyond a bunch of salt.  The rice was not fully cooked either.  There were many crunchy grains plus it had no flavor.  I gave my refried beans to Hubs as they tasted sour and had a glob of sour cream on them which did nothing to hide the off flavor.
It was a crappy meal and I regret paying good money for it but Hubs wanted to go there.  Even the basket of restaurant made tortilla chips were flavorless.  At the Mexican restaurant I worked at in VA years ago, at least we put a good dose of garlic and salt on our tortilla chips.  These were nasty but I couldn't eat them anyway(empty carbs)so no loss for me plus their salsa has fresh cilantro in it so with my genetic anomaly it makes the salsa taste like soap.  ick.

*  Then my subpar PCP almost blew up my knee replacement because instead of doing a proper cardiac clearance on me for surgery, they did a half-assed EKG which was unacceptable to the surgeon's office.  I knew when they were preforming it that it wasn't going to pass muster as the nurse couldn't get a good reading with the inadequate equipment they were using.  Then the surgeon's office waited 4 DAYS to let me know it was unacceptable!  So I blame both parties for this.  After much gnashing of teeth and complaining loudly to all parties I got a stress test scheduled before I was suppose to fly to Ohio.  Hopefully this won't cost too much OOP but I am so done with every doctor I have seen here in Lousiana(and that isn't a typo). ;-)  I can't wait to get out of this place!!!  
Thankfully I complained loudly enough to the PCP that she had the nurse refer me to a real cardiologist to run the needed tests to clear me for surgery.  I had those Wednesday and the cardiologist called me late that afternoon and told me I had passed with flying colors.  We got the results to the surgeon in Ohio and the surgery didn't get derailed after all but it was a very stressful couple of days, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I am thankful that this cardiologist that the PCP referred me to was competent and actually he was awesome! and that they could squeeze me in.  As I am 2 months away from Medicare had the surgeon's office had to reschedule this surgery I am sure it wouldn't have been in time for me to still qualify for this program through our private insurance.
I don't think I'll owe anything for these additional tests as I've met all my deductibles and co-pays too that is a blessing as well.

*  We went to the lawyer's office and signed all the paperwork Thursday for our legal documents(will, living will, healthcare POA, Financial POA).
I brought home these very nice ballpoint pens for free(the lawyer offered them, I didn't pilfer them).  They have advertising for the lawyer on them but this side is lovely. 8-)
I thought getting to take home the pens(plus some chocolates in a bowl from his waiting room)would make the sting of having to shell out $2,400 for his services would help but no, it didn't. lol  But it was something we had to have and spend on.  Asking around I find that his rates were fairly low for what we got so my mind is at ease on all accounts.

*  I found money! Finally!!

At that place we went to that served mediocre Tex-Mex food.  Found by the door as we left never to return again.
Adios Trejo's and gracias for the nickel!

Total Found in last Week.... .05¢
Total Found this Year.......$3.10

That's all I got. 

 Just sitting home is frugal, right?

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them since I don't seem to be able to find much!



  1. Glad you're squared away for your knee surgery...hopefully you can do some of the aftercare up north for a bit. I've had both my knees replaced, most recent was in May, and can say it's worth it. Wishing you well!

    1. I'll get 3 sessions in Ohio before we fly home on Friday afternoon. Hubs will be my task master over the weekend and I hope they set me up to go into PT on Monday.
      Thanks for the wishes! I am very nervous about it all....

    2. Totally understand about the nervousness...each time, I was asking myself last minute, really how bad was my knee?!
      But you will do great! It's amazing how fast they'll have you up walking so soon after the surgery. Do what your doctors and physical therapists say...and your husband too, if he's telling you the right things :)

  2. I found a few deals at Kroger today. Bags of nectarines were in the manager’s special bin and they are nowhere near ripe. They’re in a paper bag on the counter.

    No Cow protein bars were on sale and Ibotta had a $5.00 rebate per box. I bought 5 and also received a $1.50 bonus. Going to Kroger is my big excitement for the week. Dexter the cat isn’t going to live much longer so I rarely leave him alone for long.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about Dexter. I hope he goes peacefully. It's always sad to lose a beloved pet.

  3. I was going to say that your lawyer is cheap, then I read the last part. You're lucky to have found one at such low rates. Happy to hear that your surgery's still on schedule. Yuck on the poor Mexican food. I love Mexican food, but I'm picky about it too. I want my mexican with muenster cheese, so I feel your pain with the Velveeta like cheese. Great deals as always. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. The Mexican restaurant I use to work at in VA put enchilada sauce and Monterey Jack cheese broiled on top. I would have preferred a naked chimi over the gunk they served on it.

  4. I have found that in the south they do not deep fry the chimichangas. They do up north though and they are delicious deep fried! Also, our power goes off in the south WAY MORE than it ever did up north where it was rare. I feel your pain Sluggy. Being without power for hours stinks!

    1. Well I worked at a Mexican restaurant in the South and we always deep fried our chimis. It seems like they put it in oil but didn't leave it in long enough and/or the oil wasn't hot enough to "cook" the chimi.
      This last power outage was a full day/24 hours. If it wasn't so hot when these outages happen I could handle it better.

    2. Jre here, you have maybe mentioned it before but if you decide to stay there I would consider looking at a back up generator. The kind that comes in by itself. I know I’m considering one. My son has lent me a portable one before (that he set up and took down) but that would be too hard for me to manage. I’m in Mn but our ice storms/blizzards and occasional summer storms/tornadoes can cause power outages. I keep putting it off because of price but I think I should bite that bullet. For you even to keep the air going. Best of luck on your knee surgery. I’m finally going back into an orthopedist on October 9 to start that process. I’ve had PT, shots, I’m bone on bone and really just can’t take the pain anymore nor the limited mobility.

    3. Thanks Jre, we have looked into buying a generator but they are hella expen$ive here!....don't know if this is due to post pandemic prices/supply chain issues or what. We don't plan on being here longterm so we'll suffer or just do without.
      I hope your knee replacement goes well. I literall feel your pain about this. lol

  5. So glad that you were able to see the cardiologist for the tests you needed, and that you passed the tests. I know that you will be glad once the surgery is over, and I hope that you have a quick recovery. Hopefully you will be in less pain soon. After all the knee bone is connected to the...and I'm sure that contributes to the back pain etc. Won't it be great to be able to walk again with less pain. You just have to get through the next month or so, but you can do it! :)

  6. My son’s beloved dog passed and I had her cremated. He is heartbroken but at least has her remains in a nice velvet bag. We have both cried a lot, I loved her but I am crying more because my son is so upset. In other news, I did get a $5 gift card from Target, and I did get shrimp from there for $ off purchase price.
    Hope your surgery goes well Sluggy! Cindy in the South


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