Sunday, September 24, 2023

Pain Management is a Joke!



  1. I listen regularly to lectures on pain management. All the data suggests an integrated approach and when meds are used avoid the narcotics. Alas, few people get what's right and often it's just a Rx handed over with suspicion.

  2. oh yeah. I can't have anything for my Crohn's and if you go to Urgent care they won't give you a shot to kill the pain either. Son 2 said he is seeing a lot of elderly turning to booze to kill the pain

  3. I was in pain and ended up on grocery store floor on my hands and knees, screaming. I would never let my children see me like that except for the pain and inability to stand! Doctor treated me like it was a psychiatric problem, keeping me in the hospital for a week until I could be treated by a psychiatrist who said it was not in my head.
    It turned out that half a dozen people I knew were hospitalized for same type of pain. No one was ever diagnosed with anything except hysteria. And, they were all women. My son had same thing two weeks later. Doctor had no idea and no one ever tested any of us for anything! I am still livid over that ordeal.
    Twenty years later, I went to pain doctor about an injury that everyone said was healed. When I called for an appointment, you would think I was a known addict. The nurse warned me sternly that he would not give me an opiod. I was treated poorly for several visits and just gave up.

    I managed to post this comment to Val's because I am getting sick again.

    No one ever managed to figure out what were the symptoms of all the people in town. Not one doctor, even of the hospitalized women and children had a test of any kind done. No one wanted pain meds, yet all were suspects.

  4. I wouldn't know what you are talking about__Nope my knees do not hurt like a Son of a Gun Every . Single . Day

    1. Yeah, I have bad knee pain also. I gave up heels and wear black Dansko clogs with my black skirts for court. I simply cannot do heels nor run, so I walk. Cindy in the South

  5. I have chronic back pain. The neck is coming up right behind it. I have a great Dr. who listened and tried several meds, PT and exercising on my own to find what works best for me. He’s the third Dr., though. Keep trying.

  6. Being in pain stinks. That is all.


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