Friday, May 27, 2022

Frugal Friday...the May 27th Edition

First I want to thank everyone who wrote words of encouragement or called me yesterday because of my funk.  The black dog visits me often as I age but I usually am able to sent him away quickly but not this time.  It cheers me to think of how folks, many of whom I have never met IRL care and will reach out.  There are just so many balls up in the air right now it's discouraging.  I think I am in need of an adventure but don't know what to do just yet.  I'm sure someone will think of something. ;-)

So here are a few of the frugal-ish things that happened here at Chez Sluggy this past week.......

*  No online orders this past week but I did do 2 in store transactions last weekend.  Mostly for vitamins, Pepcid, band-aids, Vaseline lip stuff and some items that had Ibotta rebates.

Spent $99.82 in Bonus Cash, earned back $94 in new BC, converted $23.50 into cash rebates(including a $5 Weekend Warrior Bonus).  I also converted $7.25 in post coupons below to cash back in my pocket.  I also submitted to J and J for 2 x $10 rebates so this week was stellar in terms of spending and saving.

*  Went to Rite-Aid on Tuesday with coupons I had forgotten to bring/use last weekend when I bought some stuff.  The cashier on that weekend transaction also forgot to remove and use a $2/1 hangtag Q on one of my vitamins too.

That's $7.25 back in my pocket.

*  The only take-out this past week was Thursday.  Hubs didn't thaw anything to cook so he opted for Chinese take-out.  

*  It's been unseasonably warm here this past week as well as 2 previous weeks.  That means not running the heat and not needing the a/c yet and we received a lower than normal electric bill for May.  Go us! 8-)

*   I found money!

I found this penny under a self-checkout machine last Friday at Walmart.

I scooped this .11¢ up at the Burger King drive-thru later that same day.

I found this penny at my Rite-Aid on Monday.

These pennies were also found at R-A but on Tuesday.  I went in the morning to get a gift card and found the lone penny.  I went back that evening to get my post coupons done and found 2 more pennies.

I came home that evening and did a load of laundry(cheaper time of day rates)and found this quarter in the dryer.  Any found money in the laundry is claimed by the launderer. ;-)

Total Found in last Week...... .41¢
Total Found This Year......$12.92

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend!  



  1. Ok a look at the good things. You got Chinese one night which means no cooking, you found 41 cents, and folks you both know and don't know are leaving you words of encouragement. That is a wonderful thing.
    Quick excitement ? Do the Hokey Pokey? (That's all I've got)

  2. I still think you and Dan need a 7 day cruise to the House of Kim.

  3. Sorry for the funk. May is a $#ity month for me. I am always trying to figure out how to unload my rotten friend. Take a ride, see a movie, and some times have a good cry for no reason. June brings better weather and the lake.

  4. Chao cheese was on sale and Ibotta had a $2.00 rebate. Just checked and it’s available again so I’ll go back for five more by Tuesday.

    Not filling the pool until June 1 when the summer water rates start. Just a few more hot days to go.

    Jen G.

  5. Nothing seems frugal these days other than not buying anything.


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