Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sale Aftermath...How Things Turned Out

 Here's the set-up for the sale........

And here is what was leftover afterwards.........

Half of what was on this table is gone.  This is after restocking it.

Again, almost full after restocking it but there are big holes where product use to be.

Top shelf half empty, middle shelf sparse and bottom shelf only had two packs of pull-up diapers left.

I have to laugh because this white shelf wasn't part of the sale(I forgot to move it back in the garage).  It was filled with bottles of drinks but people bought about half of those drinks. lolz

Lots of stuff sold off of this makeshift table.  The 5 cosmetic items were added later and that green basket was overflowing with cosmetics at the beginning.

The white basket was overflowing with deodorants to begin with and the table was filled with stacks of razors.  The 5 packs left were put out/restocked near the end of the sale.

The entire bottom shelf is empty here and only 8 things left on the top shelf.

This shoebox was overflowing with toothbrushes at the start of the sale.  Just 3 kid's brushes left at the end of the day.

Some of the leftovers are being kept, others are going to the food bank and the rest will appear in giveaways still to come in the months ahead.

All in all it was a good sale and put lots of coins back in my pocket. 8-)



  1. That is a lot gone. Amazing. Are you going to share what you made? You have in the past.

  2. Nice! Well done!

    Everything purchased at deep discount or free with your eagle eye for saving money, and offered at reasonable prices to others. :-)

    A big win for everyone--and a lot of work for you! 🙃

    ...Taja 🏜️


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