Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Rite-Aid Online Order This Week

I think I am recovered from working the polls.  It was a very long day with not a lot to do.  Primaries are often like that as traffic is not quite high.

I placed an online Rite-Aid order on Sunday.  This week there are various Spend $60/Get $20 in Bonus Cash coupons.

My order showed up today in record time.  Here is what I got.......

1 x R-A masking tape
1 x R-A duct tape
1 x 2 pack Scotch packing tape w/dispenser
4 x Scotch packing tape w/dispenser
2 x 3 pack Scotch cellophane tape
2 x Japonesque nail file packs
1 x Japonesque face tool

They also threw in a sample pack of Zyrtec wipes for free which I wasn't expecting.

The total came to $61.68.  No coupons were used(online order and there were no digital Qs).  I did use a code for 25% off(since I bought some R-A items)so got $15.42 in discounts so paid $46.26. I paid with Bonus Cash.  

I earned back $52 in new BC(3 x $8 wyspend $15 Scotch, 1 x $8 wyspend $12 Japonesque and $20 wyspend $60 promo).  Plus when you spend at least $34.99 shipping is free too. 8-)  And a Zyrtec sample thrown into the mix as well.

All this useful stuff for a $5.74 moneymaker?  Yes please!!

Now I wait for my second online order to arrive which I placed on another account on Monday.


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  1. Last year, I called my cousin who was very abrupt. It turned out he had worked the polls for several days and was too exhausted to talk. I worked the polls several times and remember little. I must have been tired.


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