Sunday, June 27, 2021

Frugal Friday.....2 Fridays Worth of Weeks the Sunday June 27th Edition

 I know I've been MIA a lot lately.  Between bathroom renovation, organizing stockpile sale, going to Boston for awhile, mailing out the June Giveaway Box(it should be on the way Debbie!!!), doing stuff for Hubs for Father' day and having the stockpile sale again plus all the other Real Life stuff, I just haven't had time to blog but in spurts and fits.  Things should settle down shortly but I have lots of chores to do here including still changing out my Summer clothing.

As I was up near "Bastahn" last Friday the 18th I owe y'all two Frugal Fridays so here goes............

Week of June 11th to 18th--

* I only spent $27.64 on groceries in that time frame.  Too overwhelmed with finding what to wear to the funeral and other things to go out and spend money.  Hubs just ate what was here and didn't starve. lol

* I got a $26.61 refund at Rite-Aid on the 12th. *sorry no photo of that*

* I found money!

I found .76¢ at Rite-Aid. as the customer 2 people in front of me threw his coin change on the counter and left.  The person checking out in front of me ignored it.  When my turn came I said, "I will save this abandoned money!" lol

Then while unpacking my computer bag at the hotel outside of Boston I heard jingling in one of the pockets.  Opened it up and .44¢ fell out on the desk.  Hmmm.  Now this is the same bag that went with us to Ocean City in 2019 and I found cash in it then.  I thought when I got home I had thoroughly searched...

Either I hadn't actually OR the alternate explanation is that Kim's Sissie had planted change in the bag as I brought it to her house in May on our beach trip, left it downstairs and she had access to it for most of my stay at her house.  And after she left that quarter on my bed when I got there so I had a head start beating Kim at the "change finding adventure" I am thinking it's Sissie's doing. 8-)

Total Found This Week...$1.21
Total Found This Year.....$5.36

* Having to make a last minute trip to Boston is not frugal in itself but I drove my little purple car so the gasoline bill was not as bad had I taken Hubs car and when I had to refill I looked for lower rate stations.

* I saved some money on eating while away.  I took breakfast with me on the trip there and spent $1 on a large iced tea at McDonald's.  One of my other cousins took me, my aunt and his granddaughter out to dinner Thursday night and paid.  I did the free hotel breakfast(and paid a $2 tip to the server since with Covid there guests can't go into the room where the breakfast buffer is laid and she has to bring what you want out to your table).  After the funeral mass there was a catering reception at a restaurant my cousin lived when they lived in this area of MA.  I paid $3 with tip for a ginger-ale.  I could have gotten ice water or coffee for free but opted not to.  The buffet was good but smallish and personally I didn't feel like eating much at this point after the day's "activities".  I did try to sneak two small portions of a 3 ft. sub sandwich(it was cut into 2" lengths)into my purse to take back to my room so I did have to go out and pay for more food that night.  I only had some unused Kleenex in my purse and the napkins there were cloth so I couldn't wrap them in anything but the clean Kleenex. After taking my aunt home and checking in with her sons I was indeed famished so I stopped at a nearby Micky D's for iced tea, a hamburger happy meal w/milk and apple slices and I treated myself to a small cone($7 total).

  I had forgotten about the sub pieces until I smelled them.  I took them out and salvaged the turkey and cheese but the veggies and bread were beyond saving.  So I had a turkey and cheese hamburger.  Here is what came out of the bottom of my purse when I got home even after cleaning it out in the hotel room!

Now my Vera Bradley purse smells like an Italian Deli.  Time to wash that baby! ;-)

I skipped the hotel breakfast having saved my apple slices from dinner to have before I hit the road on Saturday for home along with a bottled tea and ice water I had brought with me.  I made one stop for food in NY at a Mickey D's we stopped at in 2018(near where my 4x GGrandfather is buried).  Last time here I had found a boat load of change in the drive-thru but alas, I got skunked this trip.  I did get another Iced Tea and 2 of those fruit pies(apple)they sell($3 spent).  This made my food spending $16 for the entire trip. :-)

NOW LET'S MOVE ONTO..............
The week of June 19th to 25th

* Back home and I hit the grocery/rebate app deals with a vengance given I hadn't spent $122.06 through the first half of June.  There was a Target online on some foods.  My total came to $62.44 before discounts and digital coupons and I paid $60.92.  I have gone over what my total should have been three times and even with tax and the discounts it's suppose to be $53.25.  I did ear $20 in gift cards($5 dog treat deal, $5 wys $15 drinks, $10 wys $50 on food)but still.  I need to contact them on the errors.  I had 3 items in my order that were cancelled....perhaps they still charged me for those?

Hubs and I also did a Target in store shop, spending another $39.39 and getting a $5 Gift Card and I've sent for a full price rebate of $7.44 on the Snuggle.  We hit P and R outlet, then I hit Aldi and Walmart in the town south of us so tomorrow's food spending for the week will NOT be pretty. lol
But I did get a LOT back via the rebate apps and finished a ton of Bonuses on Ibotta.

* I found money!

This lone penny at Rite-Aid on the 22nd on the hand sanitizing station base back by the Pharmacy so I could pick it up an conveniently sanitize it. ;-)

Back at R-A on the 23rd for something and I found a quarter sitting on the walkway at the entrance right next to the trashcan outside!

Found Change This Week.... .26¢
Found Change This Year.....$5.62

*  We've been washing/drying clothes in the evening as usual as we get a time of day discount during certain evening hours from our electric provider.

* Other than taking Hubs out for his Father's Day meal on Thursday there has been no Take-Out/Eating-Out food.  He was Jonesing for Mexican so that's what we got(even though it's not high on my list as an eating out option.  He got to pick and I paid. yay.

* I had a refund of $8.10 at R-A and then a $1 post Q situation there last week so $9.10 cash monies back in my pocket too.\

* Just setting up for another Stockpile Sale on Saturday and getting my back to stop hurting took up a lot of my week otherwise which kept me from shopping more(thank Goodness!).

Ok, now my frugal things are all caught up.  Now I need to go clean....desperately!

How was your past 2 weeks?  Any frugal wins!  I'd love to hear them!!



  1. I did an iBotta offer at Rite Aid (haven't been to Rite Aid much in the last year). It worked out well, as I was able to combine things I needed with offers.

    Went to a Target yesterday to pick up road trip snacks, and it was their last day before permanently closing. Got some fantastic deals, and they gave me a Target coupon for the closest store, which I used the same day on road trip snacks. It sucked some time, but saved some money. Win some/lose some.

  2. Okay, not so much on the Frugal side, but I'm tired of paying ridiculous amount for Almond milk when I can make it cheaper. And it's healthier.

  3. I started my budget! It was a small step viz. getting the steps right towards what data to collect. it's a start.

  4. Just keep finding that money we are going to need it.


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