Thursday, June 24, 2021

Recent Rite-Aid Shops

 I hit Rite-Aid last week one time before leaving for MA last week and picked all this up.........

2 x Hydro Schick razors=$14.98
1 x Hydro women's razor=$8.49
1 x US Bic razor=$8.39
1 x US Bic razor refill=$9.99
1 x Tide on the go wipes 50% off=$3.14
1 x 6 pack Dove lavender bar soap=$6.99
1 x Aspercreme=$9.35
1 x Garnier Nutrisse color reviver 75% off=$2.25
4 x Health Warrior protein bars 50% off=$4.36
1 x Almay eye pallette 75% off=$2.74
2 x Colorista blue temporary hair coloring 75% off=$5.26
2 x Degree women's deodorant=$11.18
2 x Degree men's deodorant=$11.18
1 x Nutriss Garnier hair color 75% off=$2.25

Total after $48.75 in Qs including that $15 off $60 one from that week was $54.21 paid with Bonus Cash and gift card.
I earned back $16 in BC and $10.10 on Ibotta for this too.  Don't recall what/if any Shop Kick or Fetch I got.  Spent down the BC and converted a little to cash monies.

Then on this Tuesday I got all this and used one of the $10 off wyspend $50 Qs.....

2 x Quaker Oatmeal=2/$5.00**
2 x Sport tampons BOGO50%=$8.98
2 x Nerd Gummies=$2.00
1 x Boston Baked Beans=$1.00
2 x Dove men's deodorant BOGO50%=$10.93
2 x Dove women's deodorant BOGO50%=$7.33
5 x Health Warrior protein bars 50% off=$5.45
1 x Revlon eye palette 75% off=$2.74
1 x Revlon eyeliner 75% off=$2.74
2 x Revlon lip stick 75% off=$5.25
1 x Tide to go Wipes 50% off=$3.14

After $24(should have been $27 but a $3 Playtex L2CQ didn't come off so I had to call to get $3 in BC back on my card)in Qs the total came to $39.81 paid for with Bonus Cash and gift card.  I earned $11.00(counting that $3 snafu)in new BC and $25.50 on Ibotta.

** The new cashier had problems.  first they hit the pay button before I handed over my coupons and then when they had to rering it all they forgot to charge me for an oatmeal, so I had to go back the next day and return the one I was charged for at reg. Gold discount price then rebuy 2 containers for the sale price.  

I am purposely trying to spend down the BC to zero before August because I am tired of the whole rebating and Rite-Aid and such. 8-P

Now excuse me while I go take Hubs out to the Mexican Restaurant he wants to go to for his Father's Day dinner. 8-)



  1. I can imagine new cashier's don't understand the coupon and points/rewards systems at all. I don't! Safe travels.

  2. I don't even know what RA looks like
    Hope hubby enjoyed his mexican dinner.


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