Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Laying Off Rebates for Awhile, But First.........


I finished that $10 Ibotta Bonus up at Walmart last Friday.  No photo but here is what I bought--

3 x Mac's Pork Rinds $1.78
1 x Incogmeato chickn nuggets(qualified for 2 different rebates totaling $2.60)
1 x Keto yogurt cup .45¢
1 x Any Brand Pasta(got GV Rigatoni) .10¢
1 x Sun Sweet Prunes w/Essence(qualified for 4 different rebates totaling $2.20)
1 x Any Brand Pasta sauce(got GV tomato sauce) .10¢
1 x Nutella and Go! .50¢
2 x Arm and Hammer Essentials Toothpaste $2.00
3 x Clairol Nice n' Easy hair color(qualified for 2 different rebates totaling $15.00)
1 x Clairol Root Touch-Up $3.50
1 x Clairol Natural Instincts hair color $2.00
1 x Ocean Spray Juice $1.00
1 x Limitless Sparkling Water(qualified for 2 different rebates totaling $2.10)
18 rebates done.  I only needed 15 for the $10 Bonus but doing 3 extra gave me the WW Bonus too so why not? ;-)
Total spent including tax was $50.65 after paper coupons used and a $10 Fetch gift card as well as $19+ used on that hospital refund debit card we got a few weeks ago.

Plus Bonuses Earned
1 x Level 2 $1.00
1 x Yoplait .50¢
1 x $3 Weekend Warrior
1 x $10 May Flowers

Total Ibotta earned $33.33+$14.50 in Bonuses=$47.83
I also earned $6.20 worth of points on Shop Kick
I earned $6.00 on Coupons dotcom.
I got 50 points on Fetch as well.
And another .13¢ worth of points on Swag Bucks.  The only hiccup was my Arm and Hammer toothpaste rebate on Swag Bucks disappeared before I got home or that rebate would have been more.  It happens, what can I say? lol

I don't count the Fetch, Shop Kick or Swag Bucks until I cash out so I spent $50.65 and earned back $53.83(Ibotta and Coupons dotcom)making this trip a $3.18 moneymaker.


I am going to be laying off rebating in June(didn't I say that about May though?!lol).  Just not feeling chasing down deals lately and really we don't need much right now plus I've got some physical problems to work on.  

But there is always my BFF, Rite-Aid. 8-)))



  1. Great deals! Sounds like a lot of work though, so don't blame you for taking a break from the rebates.
    Hope you feel better!

  2. Okay so what physical problem do you have? DO I need to come out there?

    1. Kim,
      You twins probably broke wore her out.

    2. I laughed so hard at your comment

    3. They didn't break me but they hastened my knee's demise I think. ;-)

  3. I do not believe you can lay off the rebates and deals. Hope you feel better.

  4. Hmmmm. I am not sure I am buying the rebate layoff. You find too many deals too often, and the siren's call of a large rebate is going to be hard to resist, whether you need anything or not.

  5. Awesome deals Sluggy! Please let us know how you like the incogmeato nuggets. The burgers smelled like dog food and we couldn't bring ourselves to eat it.


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