Friday, June 11, 2021

Frugal Friday....the June 11th Edition

Staying home most of the week leads to a not so exciting frugal week but we did have a few wins........

*I did go to Rite-Aid and got some free Daylogic razors among other things  when I went to pick up my Rxs.

* While at my unscheduled Walmart stop on Tuesday I tried the Freeosk and it was actually working!

I got this baby degree deodorant for free!

* Got a dr. appointment yesterday and this happened.......

Got a steroid shot in my knee joint. ouchie!  Not really, it wasn't bad and much less than hobbling around on what is was like. lol  Hopefully this helps stave off a knee replacement for awhile. ;-)
It's frugal as we have good medical insurance so this won't cost as much as a knee surgery if it helps.

* Been setting up for the Garage Stockpile Sale on Saturday and have posted the ads online for it this morning.  I have a bit more to set up and price plus I had a backlog of bags of crap to put out once I sell some of it. lolz Wish me luck and wads of cash!8-))

* I found money!

 While cleaning stuff out of the garage we came across an ugly handmade mug our daughter made in high school art class and left here.  I found a penny inside of it!

Monday I found 4 pennies at my Rite-Aid.  1 was on the floor and the 3 others someone left on the register counter and didn't want.

Total Found This Week... .05¢
Total Found This Year...$4.15

What good frugal finds did y'all have this past week?
Have a great Friday and Weekend!



  1. Or, expanding a definition of frugal, maybe staying home was really more frugal even deals were left behind. you steal have a lot of wins.

  2. Good luck with the yard sale Sluggy. I know you did very well with the last one.

  3. Hope the shot helps and your knee feels better.
    Good luck with your sale. Impressive stockpile.

    1. Thanks Kathy it's feeling a bit better. I've got an out of control stockpile mostly due to no traveling during the Covid time and nobody to give stuff too. 8-)

  4. I too hope the knee is helped by the shot.

    1. Thanks Urspo. I hope it staves off the inevitable knee replacement.


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